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Video: Watch Shaq comfort ‘Mini-Blessed’ after his dad loses at UFC 236

The UFC has released their behind-the-scenes ‘Thrill and the Agony’ video for UFC 236, giving you a front row seat for a child’s disappointment.

YouTube - UFC

The UFC’s extremely up close and personal series ‘The Thrill and the Agony’ is back, bringing you all the dizzying highs and terrible lows from UFC 236.

This sneak peek shows you the fighters, coaches, and family members dealing with all the emotions that come with cagefighting. This four minute clip has a couple especially tough moments, so buckle in.

The video starts off positive, following Israel Adesanya backstage where he’s congratulated by warriors like Robbie Lawler. Fellow Nigerian-born champ Kamaru Usman also shows some love before we switch over to the Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier fight. The cameras cut to ringside where Max’s son Rush “Mini-Blessed” Holloway is having a hard time dealing with dad’s loss.

Fortunately, Shaquille O’Neal is there with some words of comfort. I could have used something similar after Holloway blew my $300 parlay.

In another scene, Holloway once again proves he’s a true class act by donating his signed gloves to Dustin’s Good Fight Foundation, which is building a playground in Poirier’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. The cameras follow Dustin’s wife Jolie Poirier as she thanks Max for the gift. It’s just such a nice thing to watch after all that McGregor / Khabib garbage.

Daniel Cormier wraps things up, giving Poirier a Louisiana flag and then snatching it back playfully after Poirier throws some light smack at his teammate Khabib.

”I did it,” Poirier says, slapping his new interim lightweight belt. “It’s mine forever. No one can take this from me.”

Ferguson / Covington cynicism aside, it’s a beautiful moment.

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