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Former UFC fighter Angela Magana in coma after back surgery gone wrong

The controversial ‘Queen’ of WMMA is currently fighting for her life after complications from a nerve block procedure she underwent to keep training for a fight.

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Strawweight fighter Angela Magana is currently battling for her life after slipping into a coma following a surgical procedure on her back.

Magana, currently based in Puerto Rico, entered University Hospital on Monday to have a nerve block procedure done on her back to ease pain caused by a herniated disc. Afterwards she displayed signs of cauda equina syndrome, where nerves in the lower cauda equina region of the back are damaged. Emergency surgery was performed on Tuesday, but Magana has still not regained consciousness since that procedure was completed.

Magana’s coach Gabriel Lamastus has been updating people on social media regarding the situation. Here’s the relevant tweets, starting with a worried Magana announcing she’s about to undergo surgery.

“She’s in a coma, and we’re waiting to hear some positive news,” Lamastus told MMA Junkie. “The surgery went fine. The problem was anesthesia. It’s very rare that patients react bad to anesthesia, but it does happen, and I guess this is one of those rare cases. But I’m being positive. She’ll be fine, and she’ll wake up. She’s a fighter. I’m just staying positive.”

Magana was a lightning rod for controversy throughout her three year run with the UFC. After becoming something of a villain on The Ultimate Fighter 20, Magana embraced her heel role and leaned into it hard on social media, earning her the ire of a lot of fans.

Even fighters were not happy with her antics. Former featherweight champ Cris Cyborg famously punched her during a UFC Fighter Summit.

All of that seems very small and unimportant now compared to what’s happening, and we can only hope Magana wakes up soon and recovers fully.

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