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Jorge Masvidal: Only thing Ben Askren can hold is ‘deez nuts’

Jorge Masvidal was on the Joe Rogan Experience where he proved ‘three piece and soda’ isn’t the only insult he’s got ready to go.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-London-Till vs Masvidal Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

After flying under the radar of casual fans for far too long, Jorge Masvidal is finally starting to get some recognition for his killer cage fighting skills and fiery smacktalk. The tide turned after Masvidal planked Darren Till in their big UFC London main event fight, but he wasn’t done there. Leon Edwards got in his face backstage after the win and ended up receiving a ‘three piece and soda’ for his trouble.

For those of you not hip to the lingo, that means Masvidal punched him in the face a couple times.

Fortunately for him, that kind of behavior no longer results in suspensions or firings or repercussions at all. Instead Masvidal’s a bigger deal than he ever was, and yesterday he got to make his first appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. You better believe he shared a bunch more witticisms over their three hour conversation, with the best centered around upcoming opponent at UFC 239, Ben Askren.

“The next one is this idiot,” Masvidal told Rogan. “I won’t even mention him on the show because I’m not going to make him famous. He’s a f**king idiot, you know. But fight this guy and then go for the title, that’s what they told me. He’s that new age, and he’s like a f**king 40 year old science teacher too, I dunno why he acts like he’s new age. He’s like these new dudes who just f**king talk. And talks and talks about everybody. Shut the f**k up. When somebody sees you in person, you’re not that guy.”

“If you look at him from a skill set, Ben’s not even worth waking up before 10 in the morning,” he continued. “But I don’t like this dude, man. Before my alarm goes off, I’m already awake. I wanna break his f**king face. I wanna break his f**king ribcage. I don’t want to knock him out early on, I want to torture that guy. If I get the chance to torture him for fourteen minutes and fifty seconds, that’s what I’m gonna do, man.”

“There’s not too many people I genuinely dislike. He’s one of them. If I was to see him right now, probably wouldn’t be too friendly of a greeting, you know?”

The hate apparently started after Askren trained at American Top Team with Masvidal and later told everyone he came out on top during sessions.

“If we train, and you come to American Top Team and I tap you out twice, I’m not going to ever talk about that because that’s not my glory. That’s f**king training,” Masvidal said. “I don’t give a s**t about that, I already forgot about that. There’s some people who violate that man-code of gym. He’s that type of pussy. He’s talking about that story. He came to American Top Team, and after I dumped him on his head he kept wrestling, he out scrambled me, and he beat me wrestling. Two-time national champion wrestler, and you’re proud of that? That just shows me his character. He’s not who he pretends to be.”

”You’re not that person you pretend to be online. You’re a fake-ass, you’re selling something to the public that is not there obviously, and you’re a coward. And if people don’t believe me, tune in and I’ll show you how much of a coward he is.”

UFC 239 goes down Saturday July 6th and also features Jon Jones fighting Thiago Santos for the light heavyweight belt and Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm for the women’s bantamweight title.

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