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Midnight Mania! Jon Jones says NBA’s Joel Embiid might have UFC future after spinning elbow foul

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Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Two Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Every so often you see MMA emerge, sometimes completely by accident, in places and situations you least expect. That happened tonight, as Philadelphia 76ers power forward landed a pretty effective spinning elbow on Brooklyn Nets center Jarrett Allen.

The foul drew praise from UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who tweeted, “That technique wasn’t too bad, always room in the UFC.” Jones is something of a specialist with the spinning elbow. He has landed it with frequency throughout his career, notably on Stephan Bonnar, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, and Alexander Gustafsson in their first bout. That particular spinning elbow may have saved his belt, rocking Gustafsson and turning the momentum in a very close fight against the Swede.

It is unlikely the 7-foot tall Embiid, who weighs 249 pounds, would ever consider competing in the Octagon. He signed a 147 million dollar contract over five years, earning 25 million dollars for the 2018/2019 season. If he ever wanted to take a massive pay cut to start over in a sport that inflicts unknown amounts of long-term damage on the brain, he could probably go train with ‘Bones’! He’s already got at least one technique down. We can officially add him to the list of non-MMA fighters we wouldn’t want to fight.

Embiid claimed the foul wasn’t intentional, but his own teammate couldn’t help but break into a chuckle when he said that.


Supposedly Conor McGregor declined to fight Justin Gaethje.

Israel Adesanya may or may not get past Robert Whittaker next, but he is already an unbelievable phenom. The progress he has made in a short time is incredible.

Max Holloway is nothing but class all day. For that matter, so was everyone else in the main and co-main event at UFC 236. It was a pleasure to watch four fighters with nothing but respect for each other go to war in the Octagon.

Khabib Nurmagomedov says he didn’t agree with the scorecards. That seems like a pointless debate, but it is only fair to Max to note that he did much better than the final score indicated; I half expected a split decision at the end.

For people arguing immediately after UFC 236 about scorecards and whether Poirier-Holloway or Adesanya-Gastelum was better, Justin Gaethje has a response: who cares about that? We just witnessed legends do battle!

Taking the gold back to Africa is a great angle for the UFC’s two Nigerian-born champions.

Everyone needs a friend as hyped for them and their success as Theo Von is for Dustin Poirier.

No shit. That was just about the toughest fight we’ve ever seen.

Imagine watching Israel Adesanya and Kelvin Gastelum pour their blood out in the Octagon and decide it was the interim titles that made the fight great. Also... maybe actually pay them some real coin for fights like that?

Dustin Poirier vs. Tony Ferguson would be unbelievable as a matchup. There are just no bad fights at the top of the lightweight division.

It’s this kind of difficult, boring work that often gets overlooked in favor of the difficult but fun sparring or grappling. Both are important for a fighter’s improvement.

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This is soooooooo much harder than it looks #Repost @jquintnmt with @get_repost ・・・ Working to increase physical capacity. . @iamtheimmortal actively exploring the outer ranges of the articular workspace within his hip joint post PAILs/RAILs training. . ✅Overall Objective: expand & improve neurological control by providing the central nervous system (CNS) with as much afferent feedback as possible within the newly acquired ROMs. . ✅Afferent Feedback: is information coming from the peripheral tissues structures (articulating tissues of the joint) that provides the CNS with information about where the joint is in space and what it is doing. . ———————————————————————— . ☑️PAILs/RAILs in hip internal & external rotation performed at ~70% of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) for 3 repetitions of 15 seconds each. . ☑️15 second PAILs into 15 second RAILs; rest for 30 seconds within the newly acquire range (actively explore newly acquired range; searching for new lines of tension to load for the next repetition); then load again. . Cultivating physical capacities that did not exist prior, is an incremental process that occurs over time. . @functionalrangeconditioning @functionalrangerelease . #ufc #mma #functionalrangerelease #functionalrangeconditioning #functionalrangesystems #controlyourself #westsidebarbell #conjugate #conjugatemethod #conjugateclub #asseenincolumbus #physicalcapacity

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Maybe the guy in the red polo was a 39th degree blackbelt.

McGregor was tweeting over the weekend, as usual, saying ridiculous things like Khabib’s grappling was overrated.

Tony Ferguson didn’t even think this was him

Paulo Costa hitting pads

Slips, Rips, Spinning Elbow Clips

Combate Americas bringing the slugfest

Nice to meet you, Zaakir Badat

It was a good weekend for fans of spinning elbows!

Is this accurate?

Random Land

The Notre Dame burning was a sad sight.

Sleep well, Maniacs! A better tomorrow is always possible. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook @Vorpality

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