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Dana White promises to ‘unveil the future of fighting’ in the next two months

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The UFC president is teasing major announcements that could change the face of combat sports.

UFC Fight Night Cejudo v Dillashaw: Press Conference Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Big things are going on behind the scenes with the UFC, apparently.

That’s according to Dana White, who has been known to engage in a bit of hyperbole in the past. But even for a guy who gets way too hyped for every new season of The Ultimate Fighter, White legitimately seems to believe the company is about to revolutionize fighting again.

That was the claim in an interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto following the thrilling UFC 236, which featured two of the best title fights in recent memory.

”I told everybody yesterday, wait til you see what we’re working on in Vegas right now,” White said. “In the next two months, I’m going to unveil the future. Not of the UFC, of fighting. I’m going to unveil the future of fighting in the next two months. And the amount of talent that we’re looking at right now, the shows that we’re creating to create talent right now.”

”We’ve been on a roll for a while now where every weekend the fights are absolutely ridiculous and we’re going to continue. This partnership that we have with ESPN right now is ... is a big deal, man.”

It’s unclear what White is referring to. There’s been talk of more UFC Performance Institutes around the world. Really big cards seem poised to be announced from July onwards, with a McGregor return seemingly inevitable. Aggressive pricing deals from Disney owned ESPN+ could make being a UFC fan a slightly less costly hobby.

Make me a believer, Dana White! All things are possible through ESPN and UFC and Endeavor!