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Midnight Mania! Think Gastelum hits hard? Watch Israel Adesanya spar Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Have we got a show for you.

Israel Adesanya is set to face former welterweight Kelvin Gastelum in an interim middleweight title fight this Saturday in the co-main event of UFC 236. If he wins, he will face another former welterweight, Robert Whittaker. Facing hard-hitting former welterweights is nothing new for Israel, however. Back before his UFC days, when he was only 3-0 in mixed martial arts competition, he was flown in to imitate Jon Jones in sparring against now-retired light heavyweight contender Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson.

It is clear they weren’t sparring at full power, but it is also evident how much power Anthony Johnson can generate. Adesanya is wholly unphased sparring with the bigger man, calmly rolling his shoulder, measuring the distance, and lining up his punches and kicks. It makes one wonder how Johnson would have done against Jones... and how Adesanya might do against Jones in a future matchup.

Will Adesanya’s striking wizardry and massive reach advantage prevail over Gastelum’s grit, power and one-two? We will find out, Saturday night. Until then, read professional fighter and resident analyst Andrew Richardson’s technical breakdown!


An old classic

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Wow!! Sticks and Stones do hurt

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Disney’s business moves now have implications for UFC fans, especially those with families:

The UFC leaving the PPV providers let boxing promoters shake them down for more money.

2018 was a pretty good year for the UFC

Charge. Definitely a charge.

Cody Garbrandt offers to take a lie detector test saying he’s never taken performance enhancing drugs while competing in the UFC. Professor Marston would be proud, but that wouldn’t prove anything.

Daniel Cormier claiming Brock Lesnar deserves a title fight? I’m willing to tune in and watch DC get his swan song money fight, but let’s not kid ourselves.

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Money Fights > Rankings

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The ol’ Bobby Hill tactic

Michael Chiesa was among those not buying TJ Dillashaw’s strength and conditioning coach’s Shakespearean diatribe.

The idea that the S&C coach didn’t know anything, doesn’t exactly hold water.

I wanted to write a whole translation article, but Artem Lobov summed it all up in one sentence.

USADA was very interested in Ali Abdelaziz’ very intelligent comments about knowing athletes on EPO.

What I had forgotten about this immortal moment was TJ’s sneer as he shrugged off Cody’s incensed accusations.

Unbelievably good round of boxing

Gary Busey??

That wig and glasses act ain’t fooling us, Dana!

Sean O’Malley hitting pads is always a pleasure to watch

This would be embarrassing

This is ridiculously impressive, but did she just stab her carpet??

Random Land


For some reason I can’t quite place, this seems like a bad idea.

Very modern art

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