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BJ Penn accused of sexual assault and violence by the mother of his children

A restraining order filed by Shealen Uaiwa against the former UFC champion includes disturbing claims of violence and drug use spanning years.

BJ Penn

The mother of B.J. Penn’s two children has come out with some pretty horrific accusations against the former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion.

According to a protective order obtained by MMA Junkie, Shealen Uaiwa claims Penn is a drug addict that physically and sexually abused her and threatened to kill her multiple times over the years. The order includes a hand written statement laying out specific incidents of abusive behavior, including allegations he tried to pressure her into having sex with other men and once “got cocaine on my oldest daughter.”

”BJ has been a drug addict since he was 14,” the statement says. “He has patterns of up and down drug use and uses his training camps to try and stay sober.”

”There have been so many incidents through our relationship,” she concluded. “These are just more recent incidents.”

You can read the whole four page statement from Uaiwa here (via MMA Junkie).

This isn’t the first time Penn has been accused of some dark crimes. Back in 2016, an investigation was launched by Hawaii police after a former webmaster claimed Penn stripped his girlfriend naked and forced himself on her. The charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

B.J. Penn was set to fight at UFC 237 on May 11th against Clay Guida. The last time this happened the UFC put his return on hold while they investigated the incident, but no announcement has been made yet. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.

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