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Watch Mike Tyson smoke up UFC champ and obvious weed noob Henry Cejudo

Cejudo may have Olympic level skills when it comes to combat sports but his marijuana technique leaves something to be desired.

YouTube - Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson continues to prove the adage, “There are no second acts in American lives” wrong. By our count he’s up to his fourth or fifth act, having gone from heavyweight boxing legend to one-man show performer to marijuana kingpin. He’s in the middle of setting up a 40-acre “cannabis resort” on land he’s already held a pot-themed music festival on.

And apparently he’s got an interesting podcast called, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” which is exactly what it says on the tin: Tyson hotboxes people while he interviews them.

He’s got enough UFC guys like Conor McGregor in his orbit to make this good. And one of his most recent guests is UFC Flyweight champ Henry Cejudo, and it wouldn’t be a Cejudo story without him making things at least a little awkward. In this case, people are pretty amused at his handling of the joint Tyson passes him. Or is it a split or blunt? S**t, now my noobness is showing again.

This is only slightly better than the snake handling we witnessed during his staredown with the now-disgraced T.J. Dillashaw in January.

Don’t worry, though. All evidence points to Cejudo being an extremely fast learner. So in another two years we expect him to be on par with the Diaz brothers and Sean O’Malley when it comes to splookin’ doobs or whatever you kids call it these days.

You can watch the whole 45-minute episode right here: