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Conor McGregor’s next fight? ‘Notorious’ challenges ‘Hollywood actress Mark Wahlberg’

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, must have been feeling those good vibrations after sucking down some Proper No. 12, because “Notorious” now wants to take a walk on the wild side with Mark Wahlberg.

Sorry, but SBG Ireland is no match for the Funky Bunch.

I guess McGregor is still bitter that UFC President Dana White balked at the Irishman’s demands to earn a piece of the company, while Wahlberg and several other celebrities (like this guy) already have a nice chunk of shares.

Shares that were obtained by writing a sizable check.

“I’ve decided to challenge Hollywood actress Mark Walhberg next. A fight for all the shares! I’ll smack him and his 4 brothers around,” McGregor wrote on Twitter in reference to the 2005 film. “It wouldn’t be the first crew of brothers I’ve smacked around. Check the history books. The UFC history books.”

Live by the smack, die by the smack.

McGregor doesn’t want to pay for his piece of the company pie, insisting his brand value is an even exchange. While it’s true that “Notorious” holds all of the box office records, he does not compete on a regular basis and has been struggling to find the win column.

Stock goes up and down. Cold, hard cash stays consistent.

Wahlberg hasn’t responded to the impromptu callout because he’s probably too busy filming his next blockbuster. Though he might want to consider adding Proper No. 12 to the drink selection at those family-owned burger joints.

You need a decent buzz to get through one of those patties.

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