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UFC Fight Night 146 results: Niko Price knocks out Tim Means in crazy one-round war

Welterweight bangers Tim Means and Niko Price threw down tonight (Saturday, March 9, 2019) in the INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas, only on ESPN+ (start your free trial here)

Price opened with kicks and then unloaded on Tim Means! He caught Means with a barrage of punches, and Means switched from covering up to a double-leg, picking up and slamming Price to the mat. He postured and landed hard punches on a grounded Price, looking to pass the guard. He got to knee on belly and rained down hammerfists for a moment, then looked for a kimura. Price got to his base, and Means landed a hard knee as he stood. Price landed a leg kick, ate a left straight, threw a high kick. Means grabbed his wreist and landed a quick combination. Means landed another quick combination, and another left straight. Price ate a hard left straight and somehow stayed on his feet. He rocked Price, who was still swinging back. Means landed another mean hook and a slap behind it. Price staggered backward, looking out of it, but a second later slept Means out of nowhere with an overhand! Unbelievable knockout from Niko Price! The man can literally find a finish from anywhere. He was getting tagged hard there, too.

Price was excited in the post-fight interview, and kept saying ‘BOOM!’, and ‘Glory to God!’ with a ‘Hell yeah!’ mixed in there. What a win, what a war. These guys delivered, that was a one-round scrap for the ages.

Official result: Niko Price def. Tim Means via KO at 4:50 of Round 1

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