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Midnight Mania! Watch Cody Garbrandt’s corner melt down as he gets knocked out

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Cody Garbrandt can’t seem to help himself. The former bantamweight champion has now suffered three nearly identical KO losses in a row, all stemming from his insistence on planting his feet and just swinging full force from his hips with both hands down until his opponent catches him mid-swing and puts him out. TJ Dillashaw scored the first two; Pedro Munhoz scored the third this past Saturday at UFC 235. Garbrandt was knocked down in a clash of heads and got up swinging for the fences, on full autopilot brawl mode.

His Team Alpha Male corner were not happy with him. Danny Castillo was screaming at him; Chris Holdsworth had a look of profound resignation. Even Bruce Buffer, sitting behind them, could only shake his head.

Former Team Alpha Male coach Justin Buckholz took the opportunity to take a couple jabs at his old team’s coaching and cornering.

Cody Garbrandt will have to be matched carefully going forward; his coaches will have to find new ways to try to reign in his brawler’s instincts. They clearly know what the issue is; getting Garbrandt to avoid it is the trick.


If you thought that was the end of the Cody Garbrandt news, you would be wrong. See, the weird thing about this new TJ Dillashaw ink is that Cody has a tattoo that is virtually identical, which he got in 2017, after TJ knocked him out the first time.

I have no idea what to make of that.

Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler was an infuriating stoppage, but it was also prime meme material

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Would you like to see a rematch?

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Someone tell me what to think

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Some of them got weird. Here is one of Askren’s future fight with Darren Till.

Matt Hughes is not a great human being to his wife, brain trauma or no.

We are all kinda grateful to Anthony Smith for not taking the DQ, but he lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars and another chance (however slim) to beat Jon Jones. I can’t tell whether that’s honorable, plain stupid, or both.

That’s a nice hook

Chase Gamble and Marcel Stamps are fictional names, the kind of names you think up for your first handwritten novel in high school.

Random Land

I think the dog did this on purpose.

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