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This Jon Jones ‘illegal knee’ REMIX will give you Matt Hamill flashbacks (Video)

I’m a huge Maurice Spears fan, which is probably why I subject you to all these hilarious REMIX videos featuring Jon Jones (like this one). Then again, I still laugh every time someone gets hit in the nuts during those late-night replays of America’s Funniest Home Videos, so take that for what it’s worth.

This latest entry focuses on the illegal knee Jon Jones landed against Anthony Smith in their UFC 235 light heavyweight main event last weekend in Las Vegas (highlights here). Had “Lionheart” been unable to continue, “Bones” would have lost by disqualification.

Just like he did against Matt Hamill.

Since Smith was more interested in winning the title though actual effort and not referee assistance, the bout continued on. The not-dirty Jones eventually walked away with a unanimous decision victory, as well as his 205-pound strap, in what marked his second tile fight since coming off suspension last fall.

Please note: No picograms were harmed during the making of this REMIX.

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