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Anthony Johnson can’t sleep at night until he fights Jon Jones at heavyweight

UFC 202: Johnson v Teixeira Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

One of the good things about cleaning out a division the way Jon Jones has, is that “Bones” can pretty much pick and choose what fights he wants to take. Sure, I’d love to see Thiago Santos get his chance to pull the sword from the proverbial stone, but not as much as I’d like to see Jones battle some of those monsters at heavyweight.

That includes Anthony Johnson, who retired from combat sports after failing to capture the title from Daniel Cormier back in early 2017. “Rumble” continued to improve as a fighter with each new weight class, and I can only imagine his one-punch knockout power if he somehow made the cut down to 265 pounds.

“The only way I’d come out of retirement is if Jon Jones goes to heavyweight, and then that’s when I’ll come out of retirement and fight Jon,” Johnson told Into the Weeds. “I mean, that’s the only guy I want to fight, because after him, I can officially say I did my job, my mission is complete. Although I didn’t win a title, I fought the best of the best. I can go to sleep at night.”

Any sleeping Johnson has been doing appears to be in the gym, as “Rumble” recently ballooned up to nearly 300 pounds after discovering his passion for weight lifting. Likewise, Jones has been no stranger to heavy metal during his days on the bench.

“Bones” has been teasing a move up to the heavyweight division for years and with Daniel Cormier now holding the 265-pound title, the trip north seems like a matter of when, not if. As for Johnson, who now runs a cannabis empire, that remains to be seen.

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