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Colby Covington slams ‘b*tch’ Nate Diaz, rips NFL star Todd Gurley for heckling him at UFC 235

When Colby Covington decided last minute to head to Las Vegas, Nevada to take in UFC 235 last Sat. night (March 2, 2019), you knew the sharp-tongued combatant would cause a little “Chaos.”

And he did not disappoint.

After crashing the open workouts to taunt Kamaru Usman (video here), Colby then ambushed UFC president Dana White during his blackjack game. “Chaos” then had a scuffle with Usman and his team at casino buffet line (see it).

Did I mention he was also threatened to be killed?

And it didn’t end there, as “Chaos” revealed on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show that he was heckled by NFL superstar Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams, as well as a having brief run-in with Nate Diaz.

“There are so many people that want my head. At the fight we had Todd Gurley and his crew fucking heckling me, talking shit like, ‘Fuck you Colby, fuck Donald Trump, you are going to get your ass kicked in your next fight,’” he said.

“I was sitting front row with my security guards and four seats down there was my security and a bunch of fans were screaming. ‘That’s Todd Gurley and his crew.’ So they were heckling me, saying things and talking shit like ‘We are going to fuck you up Colby.’ That’s why they brought 10 cops right out in front of me outside the cage to make sure nothing went down in the crowd.”

Covington also revealed he got into it with Tyron Woodley’s mother and was banned from The Palms Casino for life after his encounter with Usman and Ali Abdelaziz. Furthermore, Covington says he had a brief encounter with Nate Diaz, who flipped him the bird just for the hell of it.

“Our skill level is way apart from each other. He’s a bottom feeder,” said Colby regarding Nate’s skill set. “It was funny because he walked by me and he said, ‘Fuck you Colby.’ And he flipped me off when I was sitting front row and he walked by cageside. It’s just funny. Keep that energy Nate. If you’re so tough, let’s see it inside the cage, bitch.”

MMA’s most wanted?

Covington will now shift his full attention — much to the chagrin of Tyron Woodley — to his upcoming title fight against Usman, which Dana White promised this time around he’d get. In the meantime, “Chaos” might want to grow a pair of eyes in the back of his head.

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