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ONE Championship results: ‘New Era’ LIVE fight coverage, play-by-play updates

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Johnson vs Reis Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

ONE Championship’s most stacked card of 2019 hits Tokyo, Japan, TONIGHT (Sun., March 31, 2019) with four title fights, two former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champions, and a bevy of Muay Thai and kickboxing greats littered throughout. will deliver LIVE coverage of the event, starting with the “Prelims” undercard bouts at 2:30 a.m. ET Sunday morning. You can catch the “Prelims” live and free on ONE’s Facebook and Twitter pages, while the main card, which begins at 5:30 a.m. ET, airs on its app.

The biggest attractions, obviously, are former UFC Flyweight kingpin, Demetrious Johnson, and former UFC and Bellator Lightweight ruler, Eddie Alvarez, both of whom are taking part in eight-man tournaments. Johnson faces Yuya “Little Piranha” Wakamatsu, a former Pancrase champion with nine (technical) knockouts among his 10 wins, while Alvarez fights Russian finish machine Timofey Nastyukhin for a crack at top prospect Lowen Tynanes in the semifinals.

In the main event, Eduard Folayang defends his Lightweight belt against the legendary Shinya Aoki, whom Folayang knocked out in 2016. Down at 115 pounds, Xiong Jing Nan looks for her third title defense against promotional darling Angela Lee, while Middleweight champ Aung La N Sang takes on Ken Hasegawa in a rematch of one of 2018’s Fights of the Year. The final title fight sees Kevin Belingon look to win the rubber match against Bibiano Fernandes.

Other highlights include a kickboxing match between legends Andy Souwer and Yodsanklai Fairtex, the latest from Muay Thai phenom Rodtang, and BJJ great Garry Tonon’s fourth MMA fight.

“A New Era” Quick Results:

Lightweight Championship: Eduard Folayang vs. Shinya Aoki — Aoki def. Folayang by technical submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:34 of Round One
Strawweight Championship: Xiong Jing Nan vs. Angela Lee — Xiong def. Lee by TKO ( body kicks and punches) at 1:37 of Round Five
Middleweight Championship: Aung La N Sang vs. Ken Hasegawa — Sang def. Hasegawa by TKO (punches) at 4:41 of Round Two
Bantamweight Championship: Kevin Belingon vs. Bibiano Fernandes — Fernandes def. Belingon by DQ (elbows to back of head) in Round Three
Flyweight Quarterfinal: Yuya Wakamatsu vs. Demetrious Johnson — Johnson def. Wakamatsu by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:40 of Round Two
Lightweight Quarterfinal: Eddie Alvarez vs. Timofey Nastyukhin — Nastyukhin def. Alvarez by TKO (punches) at 4:05 of Round One
Kickboxing: Andy Souwer vs. Yodsanklai Fairtex — Yodsanklai def. Souwer by KO (punch) at 0:51 of Round Two
Flyweight Quarterfinal: Senzo Ikeda vs. Danny Kingad — Kingad def. Ikeda by unanimous decision
Flyweight Quarterfinal: Kairat Akhmetov vs. Reece McLaren — Akhmetov def. McLaren by unanimous decision
Muay Thai: Rodtang Jitmuangnon vs. Hakim Hamech — Rodtang def. Hamech by split decision
Kickboxing: Hiroki Akimoto vs. Joseph Lasiri — Lasiri def. Akimoto by majority decision
Mei Yamaguchi vs. Kseniya Lachkova — Yamaguchi def. Lachkova by submission (armbar) at 3:18 of Round Three
Anthony Engelen vs. Garry Tonon — Tonon def. Engelen by TKO (punches) at 4:12 of Round One
Muay Thai: Panicos Yusuf vs. Mohammed bin Mahmoud — Yusuf def. Mahmoud by unanimous decision
Yoon Chang Min vs. Bala Shetty — Yoon def. Shetty by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:16 of Round One

“A New Era” Round-by-Round Coverage:

155 lbs.: Eduard Folayang vs. Shinya Aoki

Round one: Aoki opens with head kick attempts. Low kicks from Folayang. More head kicks form Aoki, more leg kicks from Folayang. One minute in. Aoki body kick and he shoots. Good chain wrestling. He drags Folayang down into half guard. He instantly locks up an arm triangle, initially stymied by the fence. He pushes away to get more room to squeeze and Folayang goes to sleep.

Final result: Aoki def. Folayang by technical submission (arm triangle choke)

115 lbs.: Xiong Jing Nan vs. Angela Lee

Round one: Lee comes out aggressively, both women landing punches. Heavy right hand from Xiong. Lee with a 1-2. Knees downstairs when they tie up. Lee drags her down into side control, drops left hands. Xiong regains half guard, then full guard. Two minutes in. Lee stands over her, kicks her legs. Lee grabs a front headlock when Xiong tries to stand and throws knees. Knee from Xiong on the break. Two minutes to go.

Xiong to the body, left hook upstairs. Lee ties up and they trade knees. Head-and-arm throw attempt denied. Xiong separates. One minute to go. Lee lands a pair of rights, knocked back by a flurry in return. Xiong low kick. More punches near the fence from the champ. Both land right hands before the bell. Close. Xiong barely ahead I’d say.

Round two: Lee remains aggressive and they exchange until she puts Xiong against the fence. One minute in. Knee and elbow from Lee before they separate. Xiong leg kick. Lee fires a head kick. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Xiong. Lee low kick and 1-2 into the clinch. Jockeying for position. Xiong connects on the break again. Two minutes to go.

3-2 from Xiong. Body shots. One minute to go. They trade kicks. Lee body kick, Xiong leg kick. They trade near the fence. Xiong still in the lead.

Round three: Lee takes her to the fence. Fighting for position. Lee hits a nice body lock takedown, but Xiong gets her guard. Xiong threatens an armbar, lands some right hands, gets taken down again into side control. North-south. Xiong works her way to her feet, avoiding a potential armbar. Two minutes in. They separate. Front kick from Xiong. Overhand right. Left hook connects. Spinning back kick with two minutes to go.

Xiong opening up, landing to the head. Nasty left hand. Big shots connecting for Xiong. Xiong unloading on Lee. Lee answers with a body kick. One minute to go. Xiong with another blitz, landing hard before clinching. Lee lands some knees inside. Xiong round.

Round four: Lee connects with a straight right and takes her down, looking for side control. Still half guard a minute in. Xiong regains full guard. Lee stands over her, then takes side control. Two minutes in. Lee looks for the back, too high, goes for an arm as Xiong slips out the back door. Xiong stacking her. Two minutes to go.

Lee looking for an armbar from the inverted triangle. Xiong defending so far. One minute to go. Lee goes belly-down. Lee back on top after that round.

Round five: Lee lands a right hand and they trade. Left hook and body kick from Xiong. Hard flurry buzzes Lee. Xiong to the body. One minute in. Hug ehook by Xiong, who denies a takedown. Overhand rights. Side kick. Body shot hurts Lee and and Xiong unloads with punches and body kicks to get the finish.

Final result: Xiong def. Lee by TKO (body kicks and punches)

185 lbs.: Aung La N Sang vs. Ken Hasegawa

Round one: Sang tossing out head kicks to start. Straight right connects. One minute in. Body kick from Sang answered in kind. Right hand to the body. Two minutes in. Body kick from Sang. Glancing head kick. Body kick again. 2-1 connects, hard left hand knocks Hasegawa back. Two minutes to go.

Low kick from Hasegawa. Sang knocks him back with a pair of right straights. Counter right drops Hasegawa, who pops right back up. Body kick from Sang. One minute to go. Head kick attempt. Hasegawa grabs double underhooks. They separate. Sang with a big right hand, just misses with the uppercut. They trade. Sang body kick. All Sang thus far.

Round two: Hasegawa shoots, stuffed. Counter right by Sang. Hasegawa fires a right hook. One minute in. Sang lands a body kick, takes a leg kick. Sang fires a 1-2. Straight left by Hasegawa in return. Sang head kick blocked, left hand connects. Short right upper from Hasegawa in return. Two minutes in. They trade near the center. Body kick from Sang. Counter right. Body kick again. Two minutes to go.

Hasegawa lands a nice uppercut. Counter right comes back at him, as does a body kick. Straight right. Hasegawa shoots directly into a knee, but walks through it to get the body lock. Briefly threatens a standing arm triangle, eats an elbow on the break. Sang lands a straight right. Another body kick from Sang and a straight right that floors Hasegawa. Sang cracks him with hammerfists until the ref steps in.

Final result: Sang def. Hasegawa by TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: Kevin Belingon vs. Bibiano Fernandes

Round one: Low kick from Belingon to start. Fernandes shoots early, can’t get him down and eats a bunch of hooks on the way back up. Belingon denies another level change. Leg kick lands. Overhand right from Fernandes. One minute in. Belingon leg kick. Spinning back kick to the body lands. Fernandes checks the next one. Two minutes in. Suddenly Fernandes rocks Belingon with an overhand right. Fernandes charging after him, throwing heat. He changes levels and scores a takedown with two minutes to go.

Fernandes on top in half guard. Short lefts from Fernandes. One minute to go. Belingon just holding him close at the moment. Fernandes takes the back in toe last few seconds and lands ground-and-pound. Fernandes with a solid lead.

Round two: Low kicks from Belingon to start. One minute in. Landing well. Jab upstairs. Inside low kick. Fernandes leg kick two minutes in. Lead right from Belingon. Spinning back kick. Fernandes fakes a level change, throws a right, takes a counter. Belingon striking well at range. Anotehr spinning back kick and dart right. Two minutes to go.

Spinning back kick again from Belingon. Fernandes low kick. Left hook lands clean. Fernandes shoots and brings him down on the cage. One minute to go. On top in half guard. Good ground-and-pound. Belingon closed the gap some, would still give the overall edge to Fernandes.

Round three: Fernandes looks for early punches. Belingon staying at range as per usual. One minute in. Fernandes shoots, completes it on the fence. Belingon blasts him with elbows off his back several of which land to the back of the head. Fernandes in pain and they pause it. Belingon gets a yellow card, then a red card when Fernandes can’t continue.

Final result: Fernandes def. Belingon by DQ (elbows to back of head)

125 lbs.: Yuya Wakamatsu vs. Demetrious Johnson

Round one: Johnson shoots early, Wakamatsu presses him against the fence. Johnson with a right on the break. Head kick attempt a minute in. Johnson lands a lead right and shoots. Wakamatsu defending well so far. Johnson gets the rear waist lock. He goes for a single-leg, but Wakamatsu ends up on top in guard. Johnson scrambles to his feet and puts Johnson on the fence. Good little foot sweep to head kick attempt two minutes in. Back to the center. Johnson steps back into the clinch, pressed into the fence. Two minutes to go.

Knees from Johnson before they separate. Body kick lands. Johnson lands another lead right, shucked off when he tries to shoot. Wakamatsu lands a counter uppercut. Johnson leg kick. One minute to go. Johnson lands a left hook into a takedown. He settles on top, hops right to side control. Knees to the head. Johnson looking for the crucifix, but Wakamatsu pops back to his feet. Close round, slight edge to Johnson.

Round two: Wakamatsu landing early, stuffs a takedown but gets dragged down into half guard against the fence. Wakamatsu gets back to his feet, Johnson remains attached and jumps on his back a minute in. One hook in. Looking for the choke, settles for mount. Nice positional control as Wakamatsu tries to bridge. Now side control. Elbows from Johnson. Two minutes in. Johnson lands a couple of knees and grabs a Marcelotine as Wakamatsu tries to scramble up, forcing the tap.

Final result: Johnson def. Wakamatsu by submission (guillotine choke)

155 lbs.: Eddie Alvarez vs. Timofey Nastyukhin

Round one: Nastyukhin tries a head kick to start. Punches fall short. Alvarez looks for a 1-2, lands a leg kick. One minute in. Nastyukhin still looking for punches, no clean connections. Nastyukhin catches a leg kick and counters with a right hand before letting Alvarez up. Right cross lands two minutes in. Alvarez not throwing much so far, lands a counter hook. 1-2 from Nastyukhin near the fence. Dart right lands for Alvarez with two minutes to go.

Nastyukhin lands an uppercut and left hook. Teep downstairs. Alvarez lands a a right to the body. Good trade in the center and a left hook rocks Alvarez. Nastyukhin pours it on until Alvarez falls to his knees and covers up for the finish.

Final result: Nastyukhin def. Alvarez by TKO (punches)

158 lbs. Kickboxing: Andy Souwer vs. Yodsanklai Fairtex

Round one: Yodsanklai lands a pair of body kicks, then clips Souwer with a short right for a quick knockdown. Low kick from Souwer. Jab lands for Yodsanklai. Souwer counters a body kick with an overhand right, eats a knee. Halfway through.

Yodsanklai uppercut just misses. Souwer takes a kick to the nards. Low kick from Souwher. Yodsanklai opens up on the cage, landing hard. Souwer throwing back, ultimately takes him down. Souwer left hook and leg kick. 10-8 Yodsanklai.

Round two: Yodsanklai briefly drops Souwer with a jab, not called. Left hand against the cage make sSouwer slip. Souwer looks to come back with strikes, overwhelmed by Yodsanklai’s punches and dropped with a left hand. Souwer looks to stand at the very end of the count, but the ref calls it to Souwer’s displeasure. Technically a knockout, since the ref finished the count.

Final result: Yodsanklai def. Souwer by KO (punch)

125 lbs.: Senzo Ikeda vs. Danny Kingad

Round one: Low kick from Kingad, then a body kick as Ikeda knocks him off-balance. One minute in. Hard low kick drops Ikeda and Kingad tries a flying knee. Ikeda lands a right, gets dragged to the mat. Kingad continues to drive, takes the back. Two minutes in. Kingad working on the choke. Ikeda tries to roll, can’t dislodge him. Full body triangle. Two minutes to go.

Ikeda spins into Kingad’s guard. Kingad sits up into a takedown attempt. Elbows from Ikeda as he defends. Kingad completes the takedown into side control. Ikeda scrambles, avoids the front headlock and lands elbows. Kingad knocks him back with a right and they trade until Kingad dumps him to the mat. Ikeda gets to his feet against the fence. Fun so far, slight lead for Kingad.

Round two: Kingad drops him with an early right hand, follows up with a spinning back kick. Lead right by Ikeda and they trade. Kingad obliging him when he gets inside Low kick lands. One minute in. Low kicks. Both swinging, neither landing clean. Kinga leg kick. Body kick on the counter. Two minutes in. Ikeda hops in with a left hook, tries to charge. Kingad leg kick, right hook. Hard right by Ikeda and he sprints after Kingad, getting taken down for it. Two minutes to go.

Ikeda defending on the fence, looking for elbows. Nice scramble. It continues until they separate. Ikeda either dropped or slips on the fence from another wild exchange. One minute to go. Kingad leg kick. Ikeda leaps in with a left hook and gets taken down. More scrambling. Good takedown attempt by Kingad, counter right hand. Kingad still ahead.

Round three: Ikeda rushes in with a left hook and they trade. Kingad leg kick. Right hand downstairs. One minute in. 1-2 from Ikeda, gets dropped by an uppercut while overextending. Right cross by Kingad. 2-3. Kingad shoots two minutes in. Ikeda defends and looks for the back. One hook in. Kingad slips out the back door and lands a knee on the way up. They trade. Ikeda connects with a right hand and tries to blitz. Two minutes to go.

Kingad sprawls on him, lands a knee on the way up. Body kick. One minute to go. Right hand by Ikeda. Kingad leg kick and Ikeda ties up briefly. Kingad tries to spin. Throwing heat, Kingad clips him coming in with a spinning back fist. Ikeda jumps on his back, runs out of time. Should be a Kingad win.

Final result: Kingad def. Ikeda by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Kairat Akhmetov vs. Reece McLaren

Round one: Akhmetov shoots early, stuffed. Inside leg kick. Mclaren catches a leg, lands an elbow, eats knees and a right hand. Akhmetov with a quick punching swarm. One minute in. Akhmetov catches another body kick. Trading body shots. Hard left hands briefly drop McLaren. He catches another kick. McLaren lands a right hand. Two minutes to go.

McLaren tries a hook kick, takes knees inside. He tries a spinning back kick, dropped by a left. Heavy right hook by Akhmetov, slinging heat with a minute to go. Good exchange in the center. McLaren tries a flying knee and gets taken down into side control. McLaren regains guard. Akhmetov in the lead.

Round two: McLaren shoots against the fence. Akhmetov defending so far. One minute i n. Knees from McLaren. He throws a left on the break. Low kick. Akhmetov lands a clean hook, denies a takedown and takes a finger in the eye. He lands some solid shots when they resume. McLaren with a left cross, shoots and stuffed. Leg kick. Left hand on the break. Akhmetov looks to counter leg kicks with hooks. Two minutes to go.

Left hook, counter right form the Kazakh. McLaren shoots, stuffed, claims an eye poke. Leg kick lands for him, then my laptop crashes.

Round three: Rebooted about a minute into the third round. Akhmetov ties up on the cage. McLaren gets underhooks and they separate. Leg kick from McLaren two minutes in. Two more. Akhmetov looking to counter with hooks. Two minutes to go.

Good knee and looping right from Akhmetov. Akhmetov counters a low kick with two punches. McLaren tries to change levels, denied. Both connect with good punches. Akhmetov to the body. McLaren catches a knee and looks for a takedown. One minute to go. Akhmetov lands hooks. McLaren looks for a double-leg. They slug until the bell. I’ve got Akhmetov winning.

Final result: Akhmetov def. McLaren by unanimous decision

125 lbs. Muay Thai: Rodtang Jitmuangnon vs. Hakim Hamech

Round one: Rodtang on the advance. Hard body kicks halfway through. Hamech catches a kick for a dump. Clinch. Rodtang cracks the body. 10-9 Rodtang.

Round two: The two clinch and trade knees for a bit. More close-quarters engagement. Halfway through.

Both men rip the body inside. Knee from Hamech. Two rights from Hamech, teep from Rodtang. Hamech 1-2, body shot. Knee from Rodtang. They exchange inside until Rodtang throws him. Hamech uppercut. 10-9 Hamech.

Round three: Hamech comes out punching, gets dumped. Again. Hamech to the body and they slug it out. Hamech is landing cleaner. Gets dumped again. Again. Rodtang with a knee in the clinch. Body shot. Knee and huge right by Hamech. Hamech 1-2. Halfway through.

Rodtang lands a nice elbow. Knees inside. Hard uppercut by Hamech. Rodtang dumps him again. Good elbow from Rodtang, uppercut by Hamech. 10-9 Hamech.

Final result: Rodtang def. Hamech by split decision

125 lbs. Kickboxing: Hiroki Akimoto vs. Joseph Lasiri

Round one: Lasiri charging out of the gate, landing punches and a knee on the fence. Akimoto right hand. BIG left hook drops Akimoto halfway through the round.

Flying knee lands for Lasiri and he pursues with punches. Lasiri landing more punches inside. Low kick from Akimoto. Knee and flurry by Lasiri. Good body shot. flying knee. Left from Akimoto. 10-8 Lasiri.

Round two: Akimoto landing body kicks. Lasiri knees inside. More kicks from Akimoto. Counter left, takes a knee to the body. Lasiri goes for a knee. Akimoto pops him with a right cross. Body punch. Halfway through.

Lasiri with some right hands inside. Knee to the body, looks for a flurry on the cage. Teep upstairs. 1-2 from Lasiri. More flurries. Akimoto leg kick. Head kick attempt. Lasiri cracks him with a cross. Close. 10-9 Akimoto.

Round three: Lasiri landing to the body. Right cross from Akimoto. Lasiri busier so far. 1-2 from Akimoto. Big left hook lands clean. Good combiantion on the fence. Overhand right and flying knee attempt from Lasiri. Right hand from Lasiri, jab from Akimoto. Halfway through.

Trading knees to the body. Lasiri lands a right cross. Akmioto left kick, body kick, teep. Lasiri 2-1 on the pivot. Akimoto bangs the body on the cage. Akimoto left hand inside. Right cross. Counter left by Akimoto. 10-9 Lasiri.

Final result: Lasiri def. Akimoto by majority decision

105 lbs.: Mei Yamaguchi vs. Kseniya Lachkova

Round one: Lachkova the taller of the two, looking to stay at range. Low kick lands. Yamaguchi shoots, taken to the fence and eats an elbow. One minute in. Yamaguchi right hand. Lachkova sending out her jab and low kicks. Yamaguchi leg kick, eats one in return. Lachkova jabs. Counter 1-2 two minutes in. Counter right from Lachkova and Yamaguchi commits to a single-leg. She switches to a double. Two minutes to go.

Lachkova defending so far. Knees from Yamaguchi. Lachkova gets her down with an outside trip and separates. One minute to go. Yamaguchi shoots, pressed against the fence. Short knees from Yamaguchi. Lachkova hits her own takedown into guard. Lachkova in the lead.

Round two: Yamaguchi struggling to close the distance. Lachkova lands a leg kick, eats a right hand as Yamaguchi shoots. One minute in. Lachkova grabs the fence to defend the takedown, gets dragged into guard anyway. Lachkova tosses up an armbar two minutes in, abandons it when the elbow isn’t in. Good right hands by Yamaguchi. Two minutes to go.

More punches by Yamaguchi. Lachkova things about an armbar, doesn’t commit. One minute to go. Lachkova still trying, still taking steady punches. Yamaguchi back in the lead.

Round three: Yamaguchi comes out strong, gets popped by a right hand. She lands one of her own. Shoots, stuffed. Counter right by Yamaguchi. Right cross by Lachkova a minute in, two big overhands by Yamaguchi in return and she drives in for a double-leg into guard. Lachkova looks for a triangle two minutes in, can’t get it and surrenders half guard. Yamaguchi with knee to the head to set up a nice pass into mount, locks up the armbar for the finish.

Final result: Yamaguchi def. Lachkova by submission (armbar)

145 lbs.: Anthony Engelen vs. Garry Tonon

Round one: Engelen fires a leg kick and gets taken down 15 seconds in. Tonon on top in half guard. Tonon moves into mount. One minute in. Looking for the back, one hook in. Landing some short left hands on the fence and knees on the way up. His control remains impeccable. Engelen gets to his feet, Tonon still attached. Inside trip puts Tonon back on top. Two minutes to go. Looking for the back with two minutes to go.

Engelen looking to stands. Side control for Tonon. Mount and he’s climbing up. Elbows from high mount. Nice punches. One minute to go. Tonon unloads until the ref steps in.

Final result: Tonon def. Engelen by TKO (punches)

135 lbs. Muay Thai: Panicos Yusuf vs. Mohammed bin Mahmoud

Round one: Yusuf opening with a series of kicks. Nice cut kick. Glancing Mahmoud head kick met by a leg kick. Yusuf on the front foot, more kicks at all heights. Mahmoud with a knee as they clinch that strays low. Mahmoud catches a body kick. Halfway through.

Double low kick and right hand from Yusuf. Mahmoud with a pair of counter rights and a knee inside. Yusuf catches a kick. Mahmoud lands a pair of rights and Yusuf ties up. Clinch again. Mahmoud low kick, gets taken down. I have Mahmoud in the lead.

Round two: Trading kicks to start. Punching combo and knee by Mahmoud. Yusuf tries to throw him, gets a kick caught soon after. Knee and low kick land for him. Lead left hand into the clinch. Ref calls time when Yusuf takes a punch to the back of the head. They resume after a few minutes and go back to landing kicks. Mahmoud tries to blitz. Halfway through.

1-2 lands for Mahmoud and right hands in the clinch. Yusuf with a southpaw 1-2, then clinch. Right hand and body kick. Low kick met by a Mahmoud elbow. Yusuf digs a pair of body shots and a knee. Knee exchange in the clinch and Mahmoud’s strays low, earning him a yellow card. Yusuf might have control again.

Round three: They trade low kicks until Yusuf takes him down. Another takedown. Hard front kick connects. Clinch. Mahmoud with a hard left hook, takes a knee in the clinch. Elbow by Yusuf. Body kick and Mahmoud trips him halfway through.

Clinch. Yusuf answers a pair of low kicks with uppercuts. Clinch. Mahmoud catches a body kick and lands a knee. Trading knees downstairs, clinch. Clinch. Yusuf should win.

Final result: Yusuf def. Mahmoud by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Yoon Chang Min vs. Bala Shetty

Round one: Both men open with low kicks, one of which lands on Shetty’s cup. Yoon comes out swinging when they resume. Rapid combos. One minute in. Counter right knocks Shetty back. Low kick behind it. Low kicks from Shetty. Shetty ties up under a right hand, tries a head-and-arm throw, gets taken down into side control for his effort. Yoon moves to mount and then the back. Mounted punches and elbows with two minutes to go.

Yoon gets the giftwrap and keeps whacking Shetty for a while. Shetty with a weak looking bridge. Hammerfists and punches until Shetty gives up his back and taps to the choke.

Final result: Yoon def. Shetty by submission (rear naked choke)

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