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UFC on ESPN 2 results: Josh Emmett lands third-round home run off Michael Johnson’s chin

Featherweight bangers Josh Emmett and Michael Johnson met tonight (Saturday, March 30, 2019) live on ESPN from inside Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It had been just over a year since Emmett’s last fight, a KO loss to Jeremy Stephens. Johnson had put together two straight wins, most recently against Artem Lobov.

The fight opened with a lot of feinting and circling. Emmett rushed in and Johnson avoided him and circled out. Emmett was darting in, looking first for a combination, then for a takedown, neither of which landed. More feints. Emmett landed a leg kick. Johnson landed a right hook. Emmett darted in with a double right hand that sent Johnson staggering back for a second. Johnson threw his straight left, no dice. Emmett looked to counter him, also no dice. Leg kick from Emmett. Emmett landed a glancing high kick that was partially blocked. Johnson threw a hard body kick off Emett’s arms. Emmett slipped a left straight, feinted in, landed a right-left- but not cleanly- before the round ended.

Emmett darted in, and he and Johnson exchanged as Johnson moved backwards. Emmett whiffed a massive right and Johnson sneaked a quick left. Emmett landed a straight right. Johnson landed a right-left on Emmett’s raised guard. A couple kicks from Johnson, who couldn’t seem to find the range with his hands. Emmett couldn’t either. Johnson began talking to Emmett and cheering himself on. ‘Whoo!” he shouted after landing a quick combination and Emmett whiffing that big right hand. Emmett landed a one-two. He was throwing the right ahnd to the body now. Johnson ate a kick square to the groin and grimaced. On therestart, he landed a good shovel uppercut with his left. Emmett shot in for a takedown, but Johnson held him off with only a few seconds to go.

Emmett head faked and threw a right hand, but nothing doing. Johnson was really whipping his punches in whenever Emmett stepped in. Emmett tried a shot and uppercut Emmett landed a glancing high kick. Emmett landed an overhand. They traded in the pocket. Johnson landed a body kick. Emmet missed a right hand and Johnson tried to counter. Emmett Emmett landed a clubbing left hook. Johnson landed a front kick. OUT OF NOWHERE, EMMETT DEADED MICHAEL JOHNSON!! The overhand finally landed flush, and Johnson went straight down as if poleaxed!! There was no follow-up needed. Josh Emmett has some ridiculous power.

Josh Emmett said post-fight it is good to be back. He shouted out ‘the best team in the world’, Team Alpha Male. He said his wife is the reason why he does this. He says he’s never gotten a bonus from the UFC, somewhat shockingly, and this one, especially on a night of mostly decisions, seems a shoe-in to break that streak.

Official result: Josh Emmett def. Michael Johnson via KO at 4:14 of Round 3

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