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Diego Sanchez claims ‘little bitch’ Mickey Gall bit him during their UFC 235 fight

Diego Sanchez proved the doubters wrong once again with a big win over up and coming prospect Mickey Gall, ending Gall via TKO in the second round of their UFC 235 fight. Gall was his typical brash self leading up to the fight, excited at the prospect of hanging another well known head on his wall alongside CM Punk and Sage Northcutt.

Unfortunately for him, “The Nightmare” showed up in prime form and absolutely demolished him, dropping a series of brutal elbows that sucked all pre-fight cockiness right out of Gall (watch the highlights here).

Sanchez beat on Gall like he was the embodiment of every person who has told him he’s washed up and needs to retire. And who knows, maybe that’s exactly how Diego channeled his feelings into that fantastic display of dominance. Gall was left so overwhelmed and outclassed that he may have resorted to some less than honorable moves. According to Sanchez on Instagram, Mickey snuck in a bite and some eye gouges during their fight.

”Mickey Gall is still a little bitch he bit me and eye gouged me!” Sanchez wrote. “I’m from the streets of ‘burque your lucky that ref pulled me off! OG’s don’t tell the ref they suck it up and street fight! But I had to let Instagram know.”

He also added a video clip showing off the alleged bite mark.

Gall hasn’t responded to the accusation, but an hour before Sanchez’s post he made his own post-fight statement on Instagram.

”I gassed hard in there,” Gall wrote. “Had an adrenaline dump. I passed out during the weight cut and my body shut down in the first round. I’m sorry to my friends family and fans. Send love to Diego Sanchez, he’s a true legend. This was a nightmare come true for me. I promise I’ll be back soon and better.”

The fight moves Gall to 5-2, while Diego moves up to 29-11. The win puts Sanchez on a two fight win streak and marks the first time since 2008 (!) that he’s won a fight via a finish. Add in a $50,000 performance bonus and we think Diego Sanchez is feeling good about this one right here.

Check him out talking to ESPN post-fight about how he’s back to being the crazy outside-the-box Diego that absorbs energy from lightning storms. Yes!

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