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Bellator 219 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates for ‘Awad vs Girtz’

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Bellator 219
Awad vs Girtz
Bellator MMA

Bellator 219: “Awad vs. Girtz” airs TONIGHT (Fri., March 29, 2019) from Pechanga Casino & Resort in Temecula, California. Lightweight knockout artists step into the spotlight for the main event as Saad Awad (23-10) will take on the equally dangerous Brandon Girtz (15-8).

Bellator 219’s Paramount Network-televised main card will start at 9 p.m. ET with “Prelims” undercard bouts beginning at 8 p.m. ET on DAZN (watch it). will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of Bellator 219 below.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 219) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Saad Awad vs. Brandon GirtzGirtz UD 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.
Daniel Straus vs. Shane KruchtenStraus sub (RNC) 3:53 R1.
Andrey Koreshkov vs. Michael JasperKoreshkov UD 30-27 X3.
Joe Schilling vs. Keith BerrySchilling UD 30-26 X3.
Darren Smith vs. Joshua JonesSmith KO 0:34 R1.
David Rickels vs. A.J. MatthewsRickels TKO 3:24 R2.
Shawn Bunch vs. Dominic MazzottaBunch UD 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.
Janay Harding vs. Marina MokhnatkinaHarding UD 29-28, 29-27, 29-28.
Cody Vidal vs. Dalton RostaRosta TKO 1:06 R1.
Joey Davis vs. Marcus AnthonyDavis KO 4:21 R1.
Johnny Cisneros vs. John MercurioMercurio MD 28-28, 29-28 X2.
Ricky Furar vs. Roman PugaFurar TKO (doctor’s stoppage) 5:00 R2.
Sunni Imhotep vs. Eugene CorreaImhotep KO 0:44 R1.


Saad Awad vs. Brandon Girtz

Awad comes in 23-10 after having a four fight win streak snapped by Benson Henderson. Girtz comes in 15-8 at a career crossroads after losing four of his last five fights including his last bout with Michael Chandler. Blue gloves with black trunks for Girtz and red gloves with red trunks for Awad. Awad has a 4” height advantage at 5’11” and a 5” reach advantage at 74”. Will those advantages bear out in the fight? It’s time to find out. Girtz fights out of Denver, Colorado. Awad fights out of San Bernardino, California. Our ref is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Glove tap. Girtz is hunched low. Awad is straight up and down. Girtz chases and throws an overhand right that misses. Awad comes forward with a front kick, Girtz lands the overhand right and hurts Awad, getting on top quickly for a full mount and trying to posture up. Awad is holding on but Girtz is able to transition to side control, but Awad gets back up to his feet just before 90 seconds. He’s still a little unsteady on his feet. Not it’s Awad attacking with the rights. Girtz responds in kind and pushes Awad into the fence. Blood is around Awad’s right eye. Knees to the body from Girtz. They break at exactly the halfway point of the round. Awad misses with a high kick. He lands a right hook stepping in. Girtz goes for a left but Awad keeps moving forward and avoids a counter with footwork. Head kick by Awad is checked. Front kick by Awad. Girtz up the middle with a strike. 30 seconds remain. Body kick by Awad - and another. Flying knee by Awad. Kick and left hook by Awad to end the round. Blood is trickling from Girtz’ forehead. 10-9 Girtz.

Round 2: Girtz goes for the overhand right early. Awad responds with a head kick that’s checked. Awad misses with a head kick as Girtz dips low. Awad keeps pawing at the range with his left hand. Kick up the middle for Awad. Girtz hurts Awad again but he pops right back up. Girtz lands another overhand right at 2:15 but Awad responds with an uppercut. They are both swinging wildly at 2:30 and both have to scramble to their feet after an exchange. Girtz keeps trying to load up that right hand and Awad keeps coming forward to land strikes. Awad is coming forward with overhand rights and knees in the final 20 seconds and they are landing. Awad falls down throwing a kick at the end of R2 and Girtz jumps on his back throwing shots at his head at the bell. 10-9 Awad.

Round 3: No significant strikes land in the first minute of round three. Awad is throwing low kicks to the leg and knee. Girtz is still chasing that power left. Herzog warns Girtz to watch the back of the head but also tells Awad he ducked into it. Awad lands a right hook and comes forward popping the left. Girtz lands a shot that hurts Awad and pounds away with hammerfists from the back with 2:15 left in the round. Awad rolls back to his feet at 3:27 and immediately lands a right hook. He comes up the middle with a left knee. This fight is in a phone booth with 50 seconds left. Each man is putting all their power into every shot they throw. Girtz throws left upper cuts that miss. Awad throws shots that wobble Girtz with short time left. Who won this? The judges will decide. In my book 10-9 Girtz.

Final result: Brandon Girtz wins 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28 by unanimous decision.

Daniel Straus vs. Shane Kruchten

Straus is 25-8 coming into this fight, currently on a two fight losing streak, and returning after rehab from a serious motorcycle accident to boot. Kruchten is 12-4 and returning off a fight where he was knocked out by a body shot from Aaron Pico. Blue gloves for Kruchten along with black trunks. Red gloves for Straus with white trunks. Kruchten fights out of San Diego, California. Straus fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our referee is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Straus takes the center with both hands held high, particularly the left, coming forward to land a leg kick. Kruchten circles on the outside and throws feints and jabs. Straus connects with a left and closes the distances. Kruchten turns him around with knees to the legs. Leg trip takedown for Straus and he jumps over the top to half guard, then lets Kruchten back up at 2:15. Kruchten comes forward with a right hook. Leg kick for Kruchten. Straus keeps Kruchten moving left and right until he gets hurt with a big left hand. Straus swarms him on the fence and takes the back looking for the rear naked choke — and he’s got the tap at 3:53. Daniel Straus is back!

Final result: Daniel Straus by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:53 of round one.

Andrey Koreshkov vs. Michael Jasper

Blue gloves and black trunks for Jasper, coming in on a three fight win streak tonight. Red gloves and blue trunks for Koreshkov. He’s 21-3 and coming off a loss to Douglas Lima back at Bellator 206. Jasper’s record is 13-4. Koreshkov is slightly taller and has a 1.5” reach advantage at 76”. Jasper fights out of Camarillo, California and Koreshkov fights out of Omsk, Russia. Our referee in charge is Frank Trigg.

Round 1: Glove tap to start. Koreshkov throws a leg kick and a hard left jab. The leg kicks continue to land and Jasper eats a jab when he tries to come forward that he didn’t like. He circles and resets and Koreshkov sends him flying with a spin kick then lands another left jab. You can see Jasper starting to wince when the kicks hit the lead leg. He catches a high kick but can’t do anything and Koreshkov pulls free. Koreshkov’s next two kicks land with a loud CRACK. Jasper comes forward, Koreshkov throws a spinning head kick and falls down, but Jasper can’t get on him quick enough and he gets back up and pushes Jasper into the fence. They circle back and forth with underhooks as Koreshkov throws knees to the legs and short body shots. Jasper lands a couple of good knees as he avoids an outside leg trip. One more leg kick for Koreshkov, 10-9.

Round 2: Another glove tap. Jasper is trying to throw a lot of quick jabs but only a body shot connects. He catches a kick and tries to swarm but can’t catch Koreshkov. Another spin kick from Koreshkov. Overhand right. Jasper circles off after another pair of kicks. He takes a body kick and comes forward with combos. Koreshkov misses with two big hooks. Koreshkov backs Jasper up to the fence and is trying to load up on the right hand. Leg kick and body shot for Jasper. Body shot for Koreshkov. Right hook and left jab for Koreshkov. Koreshkov stuns him with a right at 3:38 and drops levels. Takedown at 3:54. Both men stand back up late. 10-9 Koreshkov.

Round 3: Koreshkov goes for a head kick early in the round. Jasper goes for a lunging right hand. They trade kicks. Jasper gets a forearm up to block the head kick. Koreshkov misses with a spinning backfist. Jasper drives him into the cage. Koreshkov turns him around as Trigg looks on. Jasper widens his stance but can’t stop the takedown at 2:13. Jasper wall walks back up at 2:58 and goes back down 7 seconds later. Jasper is back up at 3:45. He’s back down again at 4:16. Up at 4:25. Down at 4:47. 10-9 Koreshkov.

Final result: All three judges score it 30-27 for Andrey Koreshkov by unanimous decision.

Joe Schilling vs. Keith Berry

Joe Schilling comes in with a MMA record of 3-5 while his opponent Keith Berry is 15-14-1. Schilling is two inches taller at 6’3” and has a three inch reach advantage at 76”. Schilling has the red gloves with white & black trunks, and he fights out of Los Angeles, California. Berry has the blue gloves and black trunks, and he fights out of Murrieta, California. Our referee,in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Schilling drops Berry with a left 20 seconds into the fight and jumps on top. He lets Berry back up at 50 seconds and they slam into the fence. Berry responds with a takedown into side control. Berry tries to hit knees and elbows from there. Schilling gets back up at 2:03. Schilling goes to the body head and legs with kicks. Beltran warns Schilling to watch his fingers. Schilling continues to chop away at Berry’s left leg. Berry eludes the attempt to cut an angle on the fence and scoots back to center. They tie up and Schilling drives a hard knee to the body. Berry gets a takedown with six seconds left. 10-9 Schilling.

Round 2: Tap of gloves. Berry throws a high kick and Schilling the leg kick. Hardy body kick at 50 seconds by Schilling. Berry gets a takedown at 1:11. Berry stays on top in full guard trying to mail Schilling and disrupt his breathing, but Schilling is holding on and stalling and Beltran is calling for more action. Schilling kicks him away at 2:28. High kick from Schilling. Schilling misses with a left hook but lands the right jab. Berry feels like he got poked in the eye but waves it off when Beltran checks on him. Schilling pushes Berry toward the outer circle and Beltran warns both men to watch the fingers. Leg kick for Schilling. Berry is having to switch his stance because of the leg kicks. Step in uppercut by Schilling. Berry is going backward. He’s not feeling good. Knee to the head. 10-9 Schilling.

Round 3: Berry ties Schilling up against the fence 29 seconds in and trips him to the ground, getting a full mount immediately. Schilling is doing a good job of keeping it chest to chest and not taking damage. Schilling sweeps on top at 1:45. He’s slicing Berry open from the top with right elbows and landing lefts to the head. Schilling is using Berry’s head like a paintbrush all over the white canvas. 100 seconds remain. A few more of those elbows and Mike Beltran might want to step in and stop the fight simply because Berry can’t see with all the blood in his eyes, let alone having the doctor take a look at the cuts to see if they are fight stoppers. He’s letting it go though. 10-8 Schilling. Berry is a big mess.

Final result: Joe Schilling wins a 30-26 X3 unanimous decision.

Darren Smith vs. Joshua Jones

This is a 160 lb. fight. Black trunks and blue gloves for Smith, 15-10, fighting out of Chino Hills, California. Red gloves and blue trunks for Jones, 8-3, fighting out of Long Beach, California. Our referee is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Smith hurts Jones with a right and drops him with another right just over a half minute into the fight and it’s over for the mohawk warrior by victorious knockout finish.

Final result: Darren Smith wins via knockout at 0:34 in the first round.

David Rickels vs. A.J. Matthews

Matthews has blue gloves, black trunks, and a career record of 9-8. Rickels comes out dressed like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin with his entrance music to boot. He takes off the blue jean shorts to reveal black trunks with white trim and red gloves. His career record is 20-5 (2 NC). Rickels is 6’0”, Matthews 5’11”, and both are 73” in reach. Matthews fights out of Carlsbad, California. Rickels fights out of Derby, Kansas. Our ref is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Glove tap. Matthews knocks Rickels down with a right hand and he expects Rickels to recover — but he doesn’t. Matthews lets him up at 39 seconds and rocks him again. Rickels is wobbling around and throws a wild spinning backfist that misses. He’s having trouble keeping his mouthpiece in. Matthews throws a head kick. Rickels loses his mouthpiece at 1:23 and Herzog makes him put it back in. Matthews immediately rips to the body with a shot. He loses the mouthpiece again at 1:51 and the crowd boos. Rickels comes forward with strikes at 2:06. Herzog doesn’t let him stop to put it back in the third time and makes them keep fighting. He finally stops it at 2:51 and gives Rickels a warning for it. Matthews lands a combo. Matthews lands a hard leg kick at 3:58. Rickels comes forward with a flurry and Matthews is hurt. Rickels pours it on and Matthews is trying to cover up. Head kick. Right hook. Elbow. Left hook. Right hook. Jabs. Flying knee. Knee up the middle. Herzog warns Matthews to keep his hands up and defend himself. Big right hand. Another right. Head kick. Right. Rickels went from losing that round badly to winning it 10-9. Did he cheat to do it though by losing his mouthpiece repeatedly? Arguably.

Round 2: Both men seem certain the fight won’t last much longer with the shots they are firing. Rickels actually goes for a takedown but can’t get it. He’s throwing combos with leg kicks. Big right hand tags Matthews. Body kick. Left jab. He loses the mouthpiece again and Herzog warns him to keep it in. Matthews pushes him into the fence at 2:30 but Rickels drives forward with an outside trip. Rickels lets go of a muay thai plum and goes back to letting his hands fly. Lefts and rights in succession. Matthews gets a time out after being poked in the right eye — or so he claims anyway. Replay shows it wasn’t a finger. It was a legal punch to the eye. Matthews can’t continue though because he’s seeing double and since it was a legal strike Rickels is getting a stoppage via TKO right now. He hits a Stone Cold Stunner after the announcement to celebrate.

Final result: David Rickels wins via technical knockout at 3:24 of the second round.

Shawn Bunch vs. Dominic Mazzotta

Red gloves for Bunch, 8-3, fighting out of San Jose, CA. Blue gloves for Mazzotta with black trunks, 14-2, fighting out of Lower Burrell, PA. Our referee in charge is Frank Trigg.

Round 1: Bunch goes for a kill shot at the opening bell but Mazzotta avoids it. Mazzotta circles to his right as Bunch comes forward. Mazzotta is taken down a minute into the fight. Hard left hands to the head follow as he slowly and inexorably flattens Mazzotta to the canvas. Trigg warns Bunch about shots to the back of the head. Bunch grinds from half guard as Mazzotta tries to hang on. Hard right hands to the body and head from Bunch. Mazzotta pushes him back to full guard but isn’t slowing down his offense. Bunch pushes that right elbow throw Mazzotta’s face as Trigg tells him to work to a finish. Mazzotta tries to trap an arm with his legs but Bunch pulls free and stands up at 3:55. Trigg finally stands Mazzotta up at 4:10. Leg kick by Bunch and front headlock. He spins into guard striking at the bell. 10-9 Bunch.

Round 2: The stream freezes 39 seconds into this round and comes back with Bunch getting another takedown that’s a virtual carbon copy of the one from R1. Bunch is doing everything he can from guard while Mazzotta is doing everything he can to force a stand up. In other words not much is happening. Mazzotta tries to trap a leg for a knee bar and Bunch easily spins out. Trigg warns them to get busy at 3:51 and stands them up with 55 seconds left. Mazzotta shoots and misses as the crowd boos. Both men throw a couple of big shots at the bell. 10-9 Bunch.

Round 3: Mazzotta throws a head kick at 30 seconds that doesn’t land. Mazzotta shoots at 49 seconds and Bunch goes for a front headlock. Mazzotta takes his back and gets hooks in when Bunch lets it go. He spins on top at 1:58 almost exactly as Josh Thomson was predicting it on commentary. Bunch moves to half guard but Trigg wants more activity and stands them up at 2:53. Bunch immediately shoots for a takedown. He trips the leg but Mazzotta stays up right. He stomps on the feet. 90 seconds left. Trigg resets them again at 3:45. Bunch drags Mazzotta to the ground with a front headlock but Trigg wants more activity. Mazzotta stands up at 4:20 and Bunch takes him right back down. 10-9 Bunch.

Final result: The judges score it 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 all for Shawn Bunch.

Janay Harding vs. Marina Mokhnatkina

Harding is 4-3 in the red gloves, green top and green trunks out of Sydney, Australia. Mokhnatkina is 4-1 in the blue gloves, black top and black trunks fighting out of St. Petersburg, Russia. Our ref is Frank Trigg.

Round 1: Mokhnatkina shoots for a takedown 30 seconds into the fight. Harding responds with knees from clinch and breaks free. Mokhnatkina goes for an overhand right that’s not flush. Her hand strikes are missing wildly so far. The kicks are working. A backfist partially lands. Another one comes at 1:52. Mokhnatkina shoots again for a takedown at 2:12 but Harding gets right back up. Mokhnatkina gets another takedown at 2:35 and then the stream freezes. When it comes back Harding is trying to escape from a leg lock. It freezes again and Mokhnatkina is going for another one from a different position. 10-9 Mokhnatkina. Harding has trouble walking back to her corner after the round.

Round 2: Harding’s corner must have worked out the kinks between rounds because she’s moving fluidly again — either that or adrenaline is making her numb to the pain. Mokhnatkina hits a throw to side control at 49 seconds. Harding scoots her way toward the fence and sits up at 90 seconds. Mokhnatkina actually pulls Harding on top of her trying to get a choke. Harding tries to punch her way out but the right hands are only hitting the canvas. She finally breaks free at 2:10. Harding’s left arm is still trapped under Mokhnatkina’s body though. Harding is pushed away at 2:44 and Mokhnatkina stays on her back as Harding dances back and forth throwing leg kicks. Body shot by Harding. Mokhnatkina keeps laying there and Trigg doesn’t force her to stand up. Harding avoids the upkicks and throws a right down the pipe. Trigg warns Mokhnatkina to let go of the cage. Harding jumps back on top at 4:13 into side control then gets full mount at 4:30. Right hands get through, lefts and rights, Trigg warns Mokhnatkina to fight back, she survives. 10-9 Harding.

Round 3: Mokhnatkina looks weary and barely able to stand. Harding dances around her and kicks the left leg. Mokhnatkina is taking tiny lumbering steps. Harding is bouncing around on her feet. Mokhnatkina is fighting in molasses. Mokhnatkina throws a backfist you could see coming a mile away. It feels like Harding could overwhelm her at any time if she really wanted to. Mokhnatkina looks like she could fall flat forward on her face if a feather pushed her from behind. Harding puts a left jab on her chin and comes forward with a right hook but miraculously Mokhnatkina gets a takedown at 3:10. Harding gets back up but Mokhnatkina throws her to the ground again and is on top in half guard. Harding uses the knees to block Mokhnatkina from getting full mount. Harding peels her off and gets up with 20 seconds left and comes forward landing shots and a kick to the face. 10-9 Harding.

Final result: 29-28, 29-27, 29-28 all for Janay Harding.

Cody Vidal vs. Dalton Rosta

Vidal has blue gloves and gray trunks for this fight and fights out of Temecula, CA. Rosta has red gloves and trunks with stripes and fights out of New Castle, PA. This is a 205 lb. bout. Vidal’s pro record is 1-1 and Rosta is making his pro debut tonight. Rosta has a 74” to 71.5” reach advantage and is three inches taller at 6’0”. Our referee in charge for this bout is James Beers.

Round 1: Vidal offers a glove tap and Rosta seems uninterested. Rosta pushes him into the fence and lets his hands go. Vidal teases a jumping knee on the reset but doesn’t throw it. Rosta comes forward again firing his left to the head and body, and lands a couple of leg kicks before Vidal blows out his knee and Rosta and gets the stoppage by throwing unblocked shots to the man down not defending himself.

Final result: Dalton Rosta via verbal tap for a technical knockout at 1:06 of round one.

Joey Davis vs. Marcus Anthony

Black trunks and blue gloves for the 1-0 Anthony. Light blue trunks and red gloves for the 4-0 Davis. This is a 170 lb. bout. Both men are 5’11” but Davis has a 1.5” reach advantage at 75.5”. Anthony fights out of San Diego, CA. Davis fights out of Compton, CA. Our referee in charge is James Beers.

Round 1: Davis offers a glove tap but Anthony doesn’t want it. Davis presses the action and Anthony responds with kicks. Davis throws a spin kick in response. Anthony kicks the leg again and Davis flashes an overhand right then throws a back kick. Davis shoots for a takedown at 1:18 and finally grounds Anthony at 1:34 with side control. He tries to take a full mount and his left leg keeps him stuck in half guard. Anthony tries and fails to get up but moves Davis to full guard. Davis lets him up and tries to take the back. Anthony spins free at 2:50. Davis connects with a spinning heel kick but Anthony doesn’t seem rocked. Leg kick for Davis. Overhand right. Chopping kick to the left leg. Anthony responds with jabs and wild overhands that miss. Davis throws the left jab flush and follows with a big overhand right and THIS ONE IS OVER.

Final result: Joey Davis wins via knockout at 4:21 of the first round.

Johnny Cisneros vs. John Mercurio

Cisneros is 12-6 in the red gloves and white trunks out of Southern California. Mercurio is 8-8 in the blue gloves and black trunks out of Huntington Beach, California. Our referee in charge is James Beers. This is a 175 lb. catchweight fight.

Round 1: Cisneros rushes forward looking for a takedown while the commentary team discusses the massive amount of tattoo ink all over his body. Mercurio breaks free turns him around and starts firing head shots. Mercurio has him hurt at 1:39 and jumps on top. He postures up to throw straight lefts at the head. Cisneros rolls back to his feet at 2:07. Leg kick by Mercurio. Loud body kick. Cisneros shoots at 2:36. It’s Mercurio who winds up on top though. Cisneros slap boxes him on the ears from his back. Mercurio backs up and out at 3:50 to force a stand up. 10-9 Mercurio.

Round 2: Very hard body kick 15 seconds in by Mercurio. Cisneros shoots for a takedown at 26 seconds but Mercurio is back up immediately. Mercurio is on top in side control at 1:07 and tries to step over but ends up in half guard. Nothing happens for a while other than Cisneros being warned about linking his toes in the fence. Cisneros pushes off the fence to get back up but gets blasted with an uppercut. Mercurio lands a leg kick and an uppercut and Cisneros shoots. Mercurio easily turns him around on the fence. Knee to the body and right elbow. Knee to the head. Cisneros goes for a takedown but can’t complete it. 10-9 again for Mercurio.

Round 3: Cisneros lands a good right hard early and pushes Mercurio into the cage for some foot stomps. They jockey back and forth for position. Mercurio turns it around and grabs a clinch to unload with a string of knees that seem to momentarily have Cisneros hurt. Cisneros goes for a takedown at 1:16 and goes for the back as Mercurio tries to get up. Cisneros leg trips Mercurio to the ground and starts firing hard lefts to the head. Mercurio gets back up to a knee. He’s back up with two minutes left. Cisneros immediately shoots. He’s got it at 3:35 and takes the back at 3:40. Mercurio covers up and gets back to his feet at 4:38. 10-9 Cisneros.

Final result: 28-28, 29-28 and 29-28 for John Mercurio by majority decision.

Rickey Furar vs. Roman Puga

Furar is 3-1 in the red gloves and purple trunks fighting out of Temecula, California. Puga is 1-0 in the blue gloves and dark trunks fighting out of La Puente, California. Our ref is Jason Herzog.

Round 1: Puga is the aggressor early. Furar pushes him into the fence and picks him up high in the air to take him down. Puga goes for an armbar off his back. Furar puts all his weight on Puga to block it. He finally gets free at 1:51 and is in the closed guard. Puga keeps looking for an armbar or a triangle off his back. He’s the far more active fighter of the two here. The only smart thing for Furar to do here would be to pull out and force a stand up. Puga sweeps on top and quickly takes the back. Furar gets back up and takes Puga down throwing rights on top. Puga is warned about putting his foes in the fence. He goes for another armbar with 40 seconds left. Furar pulls free at 4:29. 10-9 Puga.

Round 2: Glove tap opens R2. Puga is coming forward swinging hard. Furar lands a knee and a left jab. Furar shoots for a single leg and Puga tries to jump for a triangle. Furar backs away and forces Puga to stand back up. They trade hands. Puga lands a good right. They clinch and Furar drops levels. Furar gets a takedown at 2:07. Puga keeps fishing for submissions. He’s got an armbar attempt locked in with two minutes left. Furar pulls free and throws some right hands that open up a cut on Puga’s forehead. Furar is able to posture up and do some ground and pound in the last minute. This round edges 10-9 Furar.

Round 3: The fight is over. The doctor has stopped it due to a cut IN the eye.

Final result: Ricky Furar wins by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 5:00 of round two.

Sunni Imhotep vs. Eugene Correa

Imhotep is making his pro debut in the red gloves out of San Diego, California. Correa is 0-1 in the blue gloves out of Long Beach, California. Our referee is James Beers.

Round 1: Imhotep has Correa hurt 39 seconds into round one and drops him with a right hand uppercut seconds later. Correa’s head bounced like a basketball on the canvas when he fell before Beers got between them to wave it off. Dropping rhyme science like Imhotep.

Final result: Sunni Imhotep wins his pro debut via knockout at 0:44 in round one.