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Twitter reacts to Conor McGregor’s retirement and yes, some people are skeptical

Bad mood? Publicity stunt? Negotiating tactic?

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, abruptly retired from mixed martial arts (MMA) on Tuesday (March 26, 2019) after failing to come to terms on a July return to the Octagon.

Our full report here.

But now that some of the initial shock has worn off, not everyone is convinced “Notorious” is really calling it quits. Perhaps that skepticism comes from the 2016 tweet McGregor used to bail on the UFC 200 pay-per-view (PPV) event, or maybe fans have finally caught on that “retiring” no longer means “gone forever.”

Just ask this guy.

Anyway, Twitter had a field day with the announcement, though I was a little sad Nate Diaz had yet to pile on. That said, I would certainly expect something from the Stockton slugger at some point later today.

Here’s the original post:

And the reactions:

Non-industry reactions good for some laughs:

With his departure, McGregor is expected to focus on his Proper No. 12 whiskey label, on track to make him a “billionaire” (because yachts are expensive). Maybe it’s time for Dana White and Co. to finally consider this lofty request?

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