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Midnight Mania! Curtis Blaydes claims Justin Willis had someone harass, try to fight him in hotel before UFC Nashville

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Curtis Blaydes isn’t a man known for his trash talk, so when he shouted “Big Titty go home!” after dominating Justin Willis this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 148 in Nashville, Tenn., he really meant it. It turned out that Willis had been trash-talking Blaydes all fight week, and may even have convinced someone to go to Blaydes’ hotel room and challenge him to fight ... the Wednesday before his fight (via Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show):

He got escorted out of the hotel by police, and he tried to Instagram the police, as if the police were in the wrong. I don’t know him personally. Apparently he had slid in my DMs a few months ago, and we had a little back and forth, as I’m known to do from time to time. And I had challenged him, I was like, ‘you think you’re so big and bad, let’s go. We can spar.’ That’s what I had told him a few months ago. So, he pops up at the hotel, I think Wednesday night. He’s like ‘remember me?’ I’m like, no. He gives me his Instagram name and I’m like, okay, I remember you. And he’s like, let’s go. I’m like, right now? Bro, I’ve got a fight this weekend, what are you talking about? Then he said, I’m one of Justin’s boys.

Blaydes described the man as being 6’2,” 190 pounds. Blaydes is 6’4” and weighs near the heavyweight limit of 265 pounds.

“I would have gone to jail for that,” he later explained.

Blaydes said he hit up UFC to deal with the incident and went on to describe an unpleasant experience with Willis at the hotel. He described the fight week as more annoying, and said Willis’ conduct had not been professional. He wouldn’t accuse Willis of paying the man to harass him, but said Willis “definitely put him up to it.” As for “Big Pretty” himself?

He will never have my respect ... I hope he loses every fight for the rest of his career.


Incredible montage of fighters reacting to getting knocked out ... and then Stephen Thompson reacting to getting knocked out.

Justin Gaethje has been wanting to fight Edson Barboza since before he got into UFC.

I’ll be honest, I thought the point of this video was how bad both people were.

I give the Diaz brothers a lot of slack for actually understanding UFC isn’t trying to pay them what they are worth, but ... at some point Nate Diaz has to either fight or live his life. The Poirier fight falling through wasn’t his fault, but he’s got to take another bout eventually.

The Pixar Lamp has been squashing that i for decades now:

Urijah Faber wants to fight T.J. Dillashaw?

It’s one of MMA’s strange tales that Brian Kelleher grew up avoiding fights:

I don’t exactly like the comparison of “Wonderboy” to a bigoted Australian senator, but Anthony Pettis’ face was too perfect for this photoshop.

Rafael dos Anjos is not ... exactly ... an employee ...

Conor McGregor could pick a worse opponent than Anthony Pettis:

Bryce Mitchell isn’t just the guy who got his ballsack stuck in a power drill. He’s also a genius.

Forrest Griffin showing that it isn’t difficult to get a cat to let you eat it.

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Curiosity ate the cat

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Chad Mendes and Clay Guida caught themselves a big fish!


How does one stop a spinning elbow? With another spinning elbow!

Edson Barboza wreaked havoc on Dan Hooker’s body:

It just looks like a little touch but Baldy went down hard!

He is indeed nasty:

That is superhuman power at work.

I didn’t realize sumo allowed leg kicks!

This is the ultimate big brother move:

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