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Video: ‘When cocky fighters get destroyed’ (Boxing edition)

French boxer Sabri Sediri was winning his junior welterweight bout against fellow undefeated fighter Sam Maxwell during Saturday’s BT Sport “Fight Night” event last weekend in Leicester, England, which included knockdowns in rounds one and two.

And, like so many cocky fighters who are too insecure to let their in-ring accomplishments do the talking for them, Sediri thought it would best serve his brand by putting on a little show in the tenth round, juking and jiving and sashaying around the ring like a clown.

Guess he never heard about those vengeful war gods.

Maxwell flattened Sediri with just seconds left in the fight and improved his record to 11-0 (9 KO) while Sediri falls to 10-1-1 (5 KO). That’s about all I know concerning their respective careers but I can say for sure that Sediri isn’t the first fighter to act like a tool and get his leather comeuppance, though one of my favorites (see it here) happened before the fight.

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