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UFC Nashville, The Morning After: Watch Thompson reflect on first KO loss in 80 fights: ‘what the heck?’

What you may have missed from last night

Stephen Thompson experienced his first knockout loss ever last night, Anthony Pettis sending him to the shadowlands with a superman punch with five seconds to go in the second round. Thompson had been winning up until that point, busting Pettis’ face up with quick punches and hook kicks, but all ‘Showtime’ needed was one dramatic moment.

Afterwards, the 36-year-old Thompson congratulated Pettis, always a good sport, but he probably doesn’t remember doing that. According to this video, taken later in the hospital and posted live originally to Thompson’s Facebook page, he says he woke up in the back.

At the hospital. Got knocked out. I don’t remember a dang thing. All I remember is punching him in the face, his nose bleeding and then I wake up in the back. I come to in the back, had Chris Weidman right there, my mom, Tony. I’m okay! Doing good, crap happens, especially when you’ve been in this sport long enough.

Thompson went on to say this was the first time he had suffered a knockout in his pro career, around 80 fights counting his kickboxing resume. He seemed in good spirits recounting the loss, even while trying to process what happened.

Why? Out of how many years of fighting, I’ve never been knocked out. 80 fights, I’ve never been knocked out. Why did it have to be this time? Dangit.

Ray Thompson: You was fightin’ a little feller too.

I know, I was fighting a 155er! And he puts me out. What the heck.

He went on to say he hadn’t turned his hip over enough on a side kick, leading Pettis to counter with what he had been told was a right hand. He then congratulated his hair for staying great even through the KO.

At least it wasn’t a draw, Wonderboy concluded.

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