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UFC Fight Night 148 results: Anthony “Showtime” Pettis knocks Stephen Thompson out cold with superman punch

“Wonderboy” faced off against “Showtime” as Stephen Thompson and Anthony Pettis tried to get their careers back on track in what was billed as an action fight. The bout headlined UFC: Nashville tonight (Saturday, March 23, 2019) from inside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, only on ESPN+. If you don’t have ESPN+, you can sign up here for a seven-day free trial! Pettis, seemingly into the ‘action fights and paychecks’ stage of his career, was coming off an action loss to Tony Ferguson. Thompson was coming off a controversial decision loss to Darren Till that hadn’t seen much action. The matchup promised a chance for both men to get the time and space needed to get their kicking games going.

Thompson opened with a kick off Pettis’ arms, Pettis was pressuring forward, looking for his side kick to the body, while Pettis looked for his side kick to the lead knee. Pettis landed a body kick. Thompson avoided a right-left combination. Pettis landed another body kick. Thompson switched stances, jabbed. Pettis landed a big inside leg kick, then tried a lead hook kick that Thompson blocked. Side kick to the body from Thompson. Thompson threw up a body kick and Pettis returned with a leg kick. Pettis threw a couple body kicks, Thompson darted in looking for his signature blitz. Pettis stepped in and just missed a spinning hook kick. Thompson kicked, then stepped in with punches. He circled out and Pettis landed another leg kick. Another blitz by Thompson, Pettis threw a quick right hand. Thompson landed a spinning kick upstairs that Pettis partially blocked. They exchanged. Pettis landed another leg kick. Thompson landed a hook-cross and narrowly avoided Pettis’ return fire.

Thompson pivoted out with a hook. He threw up a couple high kicks. Pettis and he exchanged leg kicks. Thompson landed a body kick, jabbed and circled. He blocked a high kick from Pettis, then landed a lead hook kick. Two more leg kicks landed from Pettis. Thompson feinted and landed a lead sidekick to the body. Pettis’ nose was bleeding. They each landed leg kicks. Thompson switched stances and landed a stiff jab. Thompson glided away from Pettis’ punch, but ante another log kick. Thompson and Pettis exchanged rear straights. Thompson landed a cross-hook, Pettis landed another leg kick. Jab from Wonderboy, then a hook-cross. He tried to check a leg kick from Pettis. Jab from Showtime. Thompson landed a lead hook kick to the forehead, then another jab. Thompson was checking the leg kicks now. Pettis’ face was a mask of blood. Pettis landed a superman punch and Wonderboy went out cold! What a KO by Showtime! That came from nowhere! Anthony Pettis with the statement victory! That punch landed perfectly across Thompson’s chin, just as clean a knockout as Masvidal’s over Darren Till last weekend. Thompson was a good sport, congratulating Pettis with a rueful smile from the stool.

In the post-fight interview, Pettis said what excited him about Thompson had been his number 4 ranking, then shouted out the fans- “I wanna put on a show for everybody!” to loud cheers. He said he felt so good at 170, saying he wants RDA back, but wasn’t ruling out a return to 155 to face the winner of Barboza-Gaethje. Of the two, that second option sounds much more exciting, especially if it is Gaethje.

Official result: Anthony Pettis def. Stephen Thompson via KO (superman punch) at 4:55 of Round 2

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