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UFC Fight Night 148 results: Jussier Formiga out-grapples Deiveson Figueiredo for decision, calls out Henry Cejudo

Jussier Formiga and the undefeated Deiveson Figueiredo squared off tonight (Saturday, March 23, 2019) from inside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, only on ESPN+. If you don’t have ESPN+, you can sign up here for a seven-day free trial! It was a top contender bout, as 4th-ranked Figueiredo looked to establish his bona fides as the man to watch at 125, against the wily veteran grappler and #1 contender Formiga. It was to by the wily veteran who found a way to win, Jussier Formiga making it 4 in a row with a lopsided decision win.

Both men fist-bumped Bruce Buffer in loving memory of TJ Dillashaw. Figueiredo switched stances, looking for an opening. He leaned away from a kick and avoided a double jab from Formiga. Figueiredo landed a leg kick but ate a hook from Formiga. Formiga ate a front kick to the gut from Figueiredo. Figueiredo landed a spinning back kick, then ate a spinning backfist. Formiga tied him up briefly. Formiga shot in and got Figueiredo down effortlessly. He slid into half guard, then Figueiredo scrambled back to his feet. He tried an overhook throw but Formiga kept control and held him against the cage with double underhooks, threw him, and got straight to mount, landing a big elbow before the round ended!

Formiga landed a low kick to start the second round. Figueiredo whiffed on a big hook and ate a counter for his trouble. He landed a jab, missed a right hand and landed an elbow from the clinch. Another low kick landed for Formiga. Figueiredo stalked, Formiga grabbed a single-leg and held on when Figueiredo tried to cartwheel away, landing in Figueiredo’s guard. Figueiredo tried to land elbows from the bottom, and Formiga responded by elbowing his torso. A couple hammerfists from Formiga landed. Figueiredo landed an elbow from the bottom in the scramble that opened Formiga’s face up. Formiga got to half guard, smothering Figueiredo and landing short punches.

Figueiredo had to know he was two rounds behind, and came out looking to land that big power punch. He connected with a big straight and an uppercut, Formiga trying to tie him up off every exchange. Formiga tried to leap into a body punch so hard his whole body tumbled into the fence when he missed. Formiga darted into the clinch with a couple quick punches. He shot in, and again the single-leg was there. He advanced to half-guard, pinning Figueiredo down. Figueiredo eventually got to his feet with a minute left, Formiga still clinging to his back, and got separation. He missed an uppercut, then Formiga ducked a couple overhands. Formiga threw a spinning backfist, Figueiredo ducked under. Formiga landed an elbow, and Figueiredo stuffed a single-leg, but couldn’t get anything done by the time the bell rang.

Formiga called out Henry Cejudo, and his hulking interpreter/coach, Conan Silveira, did a good job shouting that “Henry Cejudo is running from me. Henry Cejudo, where are you??” Formiga lost to Cejudo via split decision in 2015, but has certainly earned a rematch.

Official result: Jussier Formiga def. Deiveson Figueiredo via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

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