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Darren Till releases statement following UFC London loss - ‘Few things need refocusing now’

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Darren Till was expecting to do better last weekend against Jorge Masvidal in UFC London’s main event, but unfortunately for “Gorilla,” who was coming off his first professional loss, Masvidal showed up strong and produced a blistering second-round knockout (highlights here).

It was the first knockout defeat of Till’s career and it came in front of his home crowd. Till had knocked Masvidal down in the first round and seemed to be controlling the action, but he ultimately slipped up and ate a nasty left hook that shut the lights off.

Till, who has been quiet for the past week, finally broke his silence and released the following statement via Instagram:

“Last Saturday was a tough night against a strong opponent, @gamebredfighterFight game is a tough one,” wrote Till. “Few things need refocusing now, feel like I lost me self the past year & haven’t been fully focused to my craft! I’ve had a week in this amazing place Canada to revitalise with my thoughts! I’ll be back a different animal, @teamkaobon is still the best coach & person in this world & we will dominate for years to come. Can not wait to be back at the gym Monday evolving and focusing like never before. I owe it to myself!”

At least Till didn’t eat this three-piece combo after the fight.

Till, who is still just 26 years of age, remains one of the most promising young fighters in UFC today. The former title challenger, who came up short last year against then welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, simply has to get back into the win column and right the ship.

If Till decides his best chance to return to prominence resides one division up at middleweight, UFC is likely to oblige the change in scenery. Of course, Till may very well opt to stay at 170 pounds and climb his way back up one of the most stacked ladders in the sport.

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