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Midnight Mania! Kamaru Usman preparing to put ‘the wrath of every immigrant’ on Colby Covington

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Kamaru Usman is looking forward to putting a beatdown on Colby Covington. The matchup has taken on a uniquely political character due to Colby’s grating insistence on pushing the ‘MAGA’ schtick hard at every opportunity, including the part where he insults every culture and nationality he can. That gives Usman an extra dose of motivation for this bout. Born in Nigeria, Usman is a living example of the American dream. He can’t wait for Covington to experience ‘the Nigerian Nightmare’. Via

“Part of what this next fight symbolizes to me is the attitude that a lot of people have towards immigrants,” Usman said on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show (transcript via “A lot of people forget that Americans are immigrants. People are forgetting that, to where people have this attitude, ‘We’re Americans, go back to your country. Go back. This is a free country.’ I always heard that growing up. I always heard that. The more I research it’s like, ‘What? What are you talking about’ This whole attitude.

“When you go to hotels, who are the maids who work at most of those hotels? A lot of them are immigrants. We take pride in that because we’re in a better place and want to provide for our families. Those are jobs a lot of people, the so-called ‘Americans,’ the whole Colby Covington persona are like, ‘I’m above that.’”

Usman sees the arrogance of Covington as something worth fighting against.

“He’s entitled to, ‘I should be UFC champ, you’re a soy boy, you can’t handle me boy.’ That’s his attitude, ‘You can’t do this boy,’” Usman said. “First of all, who’s your boy? I’m a grown ass man. Don’t f*cking talk to me like that. That’s the attitude he has.

“He’s entitled to this: ‘I should be the champion, I’m American.’ Bro, we’re all American here. This fight is greater than just a guy who is talking sh*t. This fight means a lot to me. So when I get the chance to put my hands on this guy, just know that it’s the wrath of every immigrant in this country that I’m going to put on him.”

That’s a hell of a line. Usman says fighting with anger will be a first for him, and he’s aware of the pitfalls, and doesn’t plan on altering his style, just putting a little extra behind his elbows.

“I haven’t been in a fight yet where it was malicious, where I was maliciously trying to hurt someone,” Usman said. “I haven’t been in that fight. My mind is strong. I don’t compete, ‘Oh, I want to kill this guy.’ Then you swing five punches and miss and you’re dead tired. I don’t compete like that.

“This one, I’m still going to compete like myself, but there’s a little extra, ‘Oomph’ behind those elbows now. I’m going to filet your face. This win is going to be one I really enjoy.”

The cringe in Colby’s act is partly because it is so transparently that, an act, as he has backed down at every actual confrontation, including hilariously getting a boomerang chucked at him by Fabricio Werdum and trying to press charges. Werdum was fined a mere $600 for the incident. He tried to confront Dana White playing cards in the casino and immediately backed down, and looked unready when Usman went after him in the hotel breakfast line the morning after Usman won the title.


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