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Manager: Usman wants Masvidal for first title defense, not Covington

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Two weeks after almost fist fighting Colby Covington in Vegas, Ali Abdelaziz is trying to kill his welterweight title shot aspirations.

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington really don’t like each other. While there’s ample proof from past press conferences and interviews, you don’t have to look further back than UFC 235, when the two needed to be kept apart by security after Usman’s title win. The two would later get into an altercation at a Palms Casino buffet line, with Usman’s manager Ali Abdelaziz taking a swing at Colby.

Now normally in situations like this, the guys involved can’t wait to legally punch each other in the face and get paid for it. But in some situations, the really punishing thing to do to another fighter you hate is refuse to fight them. That may be the route Usman and Abdelaziz are taking with this news that came out after fellow welterweight Jorge Masvidal smashed Darren Till in London Saturday night.

Via ESPN, Abdelaziz said “We think Jorge Masvidal deserves the next title shot. Not Colby Covington. Colby is a terrible person and doesn’t deserve it. Jorge just knocked out Darren Till like that? He should be next.”

Ali backed that report up, making his case on Twitter and responding to detractors like Ben Askren.

Ali denied it was just an attempt to drive a wedge between Colby and Jorge, who are both teammates and good friends.

ESPN’s Brett Okamoto reached out to Colby Covington to see if he’d heard about the latest drama potentially threatening his ‘confirmed’ title shot against Usman.

”Nah but nothing would surprise me with that little terrorist rat after hearing from my people about how desperate he has looked the last couple weeks begging for anyone to fight Snoozeman except (me) the most deserving and Real World Champion!” Covington wrote. “I don’t blame him though because he knows I’m going to smash his meal ticket!”

What do you think, Maniacs? Is this just head games or are we watching Colby Covington’s title shot aspirations go up in flames once again?