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Watch Conor McGregor hype up the Boston Bruins: ‘Every one of yous is the enforcer!’

Conor McGregor didn’t just get to drop the puck at Saturday’s NHL game, he also delivered a fiery speech to the Boston Bruins.

Conor McGregor is on a whirlwind business trip for St. Patrick’s Day, promoting his Proper 12 whiskey in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Chicago, Boston, and who knows if there were more stops he didn’t post about on social media. Saturday night saw him in Boston where he performed the ceremonial dropping of the puck for an NHL game between the Boston Bruins and Columbus Blue Jackets.

But that wasn’t all he got to do! McGregor had his own camera team tailing him for the event and is now sharing multiple videos of his night enjoying hockey. It included him giving a pre-game hype speech to the Boston Bruins locker room.

After leading the team in a Boston Strong chant, McGregor went full on inspirational speaker.

”Remember, nothing heroic gets done without support, without unity,” he said. “We must back each other and support each other. Before yous go out, look left. Look right. Know that these people that are with you are your brudders, these are the people you need to fight for. Fight until victory.”

”This is your puck, this is your arena!” McGregor yelled. “Who’s the enforcer? All of yous! Every f**king one of yous are the enforcers. Take these people out. Take no prisoners! Let’s go, Boston Bruins!”

The Bruins ended up winning 2-1. So to the people of Boston, Conor McGregor says “You’re welcome.”

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