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UFC Fight Night 147 results: Jorge Masvidal flatlines Darren Till for comeback knockout in war

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Darren Till and Jorge Masvidal squared off tonight (Saturday, March 16, 2019) at UFC Fight Night 147, inside O2 Arena in London, England, live on ESPN+. Till was looking to bounce back from his devastating loss to then-champion Tyron Woodley, while Masvidal had dropped two in a row to Demian Maia and Stephen Thompson. Liverpool’s Till had huge cheers from the London crowd, but Masvidal had them silenced by the end.

Masvidal came out running into the fastest low blow in Octagon history, a side kick straight for the groin. They restarted. Til dropped Masvidal almost instantly with a left straight! Masvidal stayed composed as Till worked from the top, landing a knee as Masvidal got up. Masvidal caught a kick and countered Till. Till caught a kick from Masvidal and put Masvidal on his back with authority. He took top position but only for a moment, as Masvidal kicked him off. Masvidal landed kicks to the legs and body. Till jabbed and feinted, Masvidal looked for massive counter overhands. Masvidal grabbed a single-leg and landed a couple massive hooks when Till defended. Big left hand from Till! He backed Masvidal up and they exchanged with Jorge’s back against the cage. Masvidal jabbed, Till swung and clinched. Back in the center of the Octagon, he feinted his way in, but Masvidal landed a big overhand. Till ate two huge shots and waved Masvidal on. He landed a jab, and Masvidal partially slipped a one-two. Till landed a couple hard left straights, and Masvidal pivoted out to land a counter hook and whiff two follow-up hooks. What a first round.

Till moved forward again, Masvidal slipping his left straight and looking to counter off the cage. Masvidal threw a nice one-two but ate an eye-poke for his troubles, and the referee halted the fight for a moment. The doctor gave him the all-clear. They touched gloves. Masvidal shot in and bundled Till to the canvas, but Till got straight up, using the cage to avoid having Jorge take his back. Masvidal held him against the cage with double underhooks until Till broke free. Jorge ate a jab, whiffed on aleg kick. He threw a combination that Till mostly blocked. Till landed another nice jab, and Masvidal landed a hard body kick. Leg kick from Masvidal. Till continued his pressure, ate two hooks on the way in. Masvidal slipped the left straight and smirked at Till. He landed a massive overhand and Till went down hard! That was it! Masvidal by knockout! What a win— the crowd was completely silent. Jorge switched his feet into that right hand, the way Woodley did against Jay Hieron, then landed another right as Till was falling, then another once he hit the canvas. That was concussion-inducing.

Masvidal started off his post-fight interview by telling his two baby girls he loved them, then shouting out his family. He said he comes from a very humble place, and thanked England for a host. He had nothing but praise for Darren Till, telling the crowd to pick him up because “he is a young bull now, but someday he will be a tiger.” He said he wants that belt wrapped around his waist. He said he couldn’t catch Till’s timing in the first, but he figured it out by the second, and asked the fans if that was fight of the night, to cheers, saying it was definitely KO of the night, so he needs that 100 grand in the bank to send his kids to college.

That win jumps Masvidal straight to the front of the rankings, and

Official result: Jorge Masvidal def. Darren Till via KO at 3:05 of Round 2

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