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Mac attack! Conor McGregor phone-stomping video leaked

Conor McGregor treated that cell phone like Ronnie Garvin treated Pete Sanchez.

It took a few days, but video has finally surfaced of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight, Conor McGregor, stomping on the phone of what his team claims was an overzealous fan looking to snag a photo op at any and all cost.

That cost would be $1,000.

The alleged victim and his family, however, tell a very different tale. One that paints McGregor as an “angry” man who baited the fucking dick Ahmed Abdirzak into a fake handshake, where the phone was then abducted and smashed into smithereens.

That little meltdown, captured outside the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., led to McGregor’s arrest earlier this week on two felony counts, though “Notorious” was later released on $12,500 bond. His arraignment is scheduled for April 10, 2019.

Four days after his six-month disciplinary suspension ends.

This marks McGregor’s second arrest in less than one year, which tells me someone from Team “Notorious” should convince the former champion to fight more frequently, so that he’s forced to spend more days inside the gym and less days on the streets of Miami.

Like Axl Rose once said, all he needs is just a little patience.

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