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Matt Hughes suing his brother for tractor used in alleged meltdown

“Matt Hughes and his brother used to pound each other behind the barn growing up.” —Mike Goldberg, describing how wrestling is in the blood at the Hughes’ farm.

UFC 229: Khabib v McGregor Press Conference Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

If Coach Bob Perez thinks mixed martial arts (MMA) fans are a nuisance, he should see what’s doing on the farms of Montgomery County, Illinois. That’s where the life of the Hughes family is playing out like a bad reality show.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion, Matt Hughes, recently filed suit against his brother Mark, for holding on to a tractor that may or may not belong to the country boy who survived.

That’s according to MMA Junkie, who brought details of the filing on Wednesday. That’s the same tractor at the center of the domestic drama that went down late last year, when Hughes allegedly assaulted his wife and nephew, leading to a restraining order.

While he admits he’s not the same person he was before his debilitating train accident, referring to himself as a “burden to his friends and family,” Hughes denies the allegations and insists he never laid a hand on anyone.

Hughes’ wife filed for divorce back in February.

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