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Conor McGregor cell phone rampage coverts victim’s family to Khabib fans

Conor McGregor was arrested last Monday after allegedly smashing (then stealing) a cell phone belonging to a mixed martial arts (MMA) fan, who was on vacation in Miami and hoping to score a photo op with the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion.

Patience is a virtue that “Notorious” is still working on, according to his official statement.

Not surprisingly, the encounter left a bad taste in the mouth of Mahamad Abdirzak, father of Ahmed Abdirzak, who now claims he was never really a McGregor fan to begin with and actively roots for the Irishman’s longtime rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“What McGregor did is exactly in his character,” Mahamad Abdirzak told the Daily Mail. “He’s an angry man. I’m not a fan of his at all. I prefer Khabib (Nurmagomedov). He’s the fighter I like to watch, not McGregor.”

Interesting choice.

Considering some of the “Eagle” headlines we’ve seen over the past year, I would say that dumping McGregor and aligning with Nurmagomedov is like quitting your job at Cutler Trucking to bounce at the local strip club with Bull Hurley.

The currently-suspended McGregor was released on $12,500 bond and will be arraigned on April 10. Despite his previous arrest in Brooklyn, the power-punching Irishman is not expected to face any jail time for this latest misstep.

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