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Midnight Mania! Nate Diaz roasts Khabib, gets roasted by Ben Askren

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Ben Askren and Dillon Danis have been roasting each other online, but “Funky” has no shortage of words for anyone, including Nate Diaz.

Diaz posted a picture of Khabib in the sauna with his boys. The picture is funny because, like many things in mixed martial arts (MMA), it has homoerotic overtones, but Khabib is very traditional and religious, and on good terms with Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, who is famously and violently homophobic. (The part that isn’t funny at all is that Kadyrov allegedly conducted a ‘gay purge’ in Chechnya). Nevertheless, Diaz and Khabib have had bad blood between them for a long time, even getting into a brawl back in 2015.

Askren couldn’t resist a counter-dig at Diaz and his crew in the “209.”

Jake Shields, Nate Diaz’ long-time teammate, was quick to point out that this kind of thing would get Askren slapped in Stockton ... and Ben was quick to counter that it would get you stabbed in Dagestan, but Diaz still posted it.

This fun exchange of awkward insinuation, predicated on homophobia, has been brought to you by MMA in 2019.


What is Dana White so happy about?

A focused Dustin Poirier training for Max Holloway ...

Rafael dos Anjos is thinking of cutting from nearly 200 pounds down to Lightweight?

Paulo Costa’s manager denies Yoel Romero’s claim that he tested positive for PEDs.

Askren’s #BoomRoasted line is very corny, but some of his lines are accurate. Dillon Danis isn’t a difficult target.

Then again, he had a couple good lines of his own:

A Novel, by John Danaher: sometimes just knowing is half the battle.

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The legend of Alabama Joe - part 1: Would it be possible to become a better fighter just by knowing the theory of what you ought to do in a fight without ever actually practicing? That’s a question I have always found interesting. I got an answer years ago while working as a bouncer during my early years in NYC. Working around the city in was often teamed with interesting characters with many different approaches, theories and styles of combat. Some of them (especially wrestlers, BJJ and Judo players and boxers) were very effective - others not so much. At one time I was briefly paired with a fellow who we called “Alabama Joe” He was man of average build, not in particularly good shape whose main joys were drinking, smoking cigarettes and fighting. We worked a door together for just four nights in the lower east side mid 1990’s but I never forgot the experience for a good reason. As we worked, Joe talked incessantly about his prowess in brawling and how he would whip any man who was foolish enough to step up to the plate with him. I was rather skeptical as I’ve always believed fighting prowess to be mostly determined by ones training regimen and Joe’s training regimen appeared to be based around nothing more than Bourbon and Marlboro’s. He proudly told me he had never trained a day in his life but that he was a huge fan of the early UFC’s which he would watch incessantly. I was intrigued by this as I had begun training with Renzo Gracie And was similarly fascinated. He told me that when he fought he just did what he saw Royce do - run forwards and tackle people, climb up to mount, hit them and wait for them to turn and then strangle them. Later that night we threw some fellows out of the bar after a dispute and outside one of them was unimpressed by the appearance of Alabama Joe and demanded a fight. This fellow was a powerful looking man and I had to do some work to get him outside with a body lock and some light wrestling - I was not at all confident that Joe would be able to handle him. They immediately went to fisticuffs and true to his word, Joe tackled him, got mounted and punched him enough to make him turn and strangled him out!

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John Wayne Parr has had nearly 100 fights, so he is always posting highlights I’ve never seen before of him in some war or other.

Slips, Rips, and Sumo Clips

Phenomenal fight. The guy who lost has a mean overhand.

Nasty choke!

I love seeing obscure techniques being pulled off, such as this Aikido-esque wrist drag!

Short, but sweet ...

It’s not the size of the sumo wrestler in the sumo ring, but the size of the sumo in the sumo wrestler ... or something like that.

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