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Midnight Mania! Watch Conor McGregor leave jail after posting $12,500 bail

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Conor McGregor found himself in legal trouble once again, after allegedly slapping a fan’s phone from their hand, stomping on it repeatedly, then walking off with it. As phones these days are worth a thousand dollars and more, that earned him a felony charge and a very brief stay in jail. He posted bail, $12,500, and walked free, which you can see here.

The best reply I saw online in McGregor’s defense? He was dealing with a McGregor fan, after all.


The description abbreviations on this form read like a reply to someone advocating the McGregor Fast: “BRO, SHT FAD BRO. NO”

The meme factories wasted no time with this Conor McGregor arrest

McGregor’s lawyers wasted no time either, quickly affirming their support for the boys in blue.

Muay Thai great John Wayne Parr is one of those Instagram follows for his funny content, not just his fights.


A smart coach’s take on hard sparring

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I’ve been argued with (people on my team)... I’ve been told I’m wrong (coaches from other teams)... but I’ve been screaming it from the roof tops for years. YOU CAN NOT CONDITION YOUR BRAIN FOR CONTACT!!! People spar way to hard, far to often in combat sports... yes even boxing. Now add kicks, knees, elbows, the impact from wrestling to the mix and your exasperating the problem, attacks from the low line (legs) that you may or may not see. The velocity of the kick to the head or knee... head gear doesn’t help it makes it worse... people go even harder and headgear impacts your vision... head gear only helps with cut prevention IMHO. Like anything, Hard Sparring has its place, but definitely not the place it has now in most people’s belief system or frequency. My people “rarely” spar hard, they win far more then they lose, they have no problem pulling the trigger in fights and they are not getting KO’d in fights with the same frequency they did when we did spar hard like most gyms many many years ago. I keep track of this data so I can modify my training as necessary. Once you know what it’s like to hit hard and be hit hard...Controlled, focused Technical Sparring with appropriate intensity is the most valuable form of sparring bar none. Please tell me another gym in North America with as many athletes fighting in as many styles of combat sports on a global scale... I don’t say this in an attempt to be braggadocios I’m simply highlighting that my opinion on this particular topic should carry “some” value. Save your hard head contact for your actual fights and you will fight better, get KO’d less and have a much longer career.

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Gunnar Nelson does all this with the same facial expression he always has, a blank stare, which is amazing.

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Cruising into fight week like ...

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McGregor’s teammates have been posting gold: ARTEM LOBOV KNOWS HE IS THE GOAT

Alex Volkanovski has an inspiring story.

This combination is silky smooth violence

Cain Velasquez is living his best life.

Just Judo Things

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Another sacrifice to the savage choke gods

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I love the Peruvian necktie

Gokhan Saki had the best reply to this GIF

Mackenzie Dern reflecting on good times. As an aside, the one time I happened to show up at my local gym, Andrea Lee put me in this choke. True story.

The UFC couldn’t promise to book enough female fights to fill out a schedule to satisfy Amazon.

A kangaroo attacking a paraglider seems peak Australia

This is true. Rener Gracie lives for walking on tightropes in a gi.

These guys were going at it, hammer and tongs

Tim Means is awesome, that’s a guy who can take his licks.

Is this the worst stoppage you have ever seen?

Random Land

We wouldn’t see eye to eye on politics but even I have to admit this is cool.

Yeah, this would work

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