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Video: Mayweather praises Conor McGregor - ‘He’s the Caucasian Floyd Mayweather’

It has been nearly 18 months since Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor exchanged leather inside of the boxing ring, yet the two combat stars still seem to be intertwined.

While the combat community usually plays a big role in linking McGregor to a rematch with Mayweather or Mayweather to a UFC crossover, it was “Money” who starting talking about “Notorious” in a recent edition of Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” video series (shown above).

In rare fashion, Mayweather actually started to praise the former UFC champion and threw out a rather familiar comparison.

“He’s the Caucasian Floyd Mayweather,” Mayweather began when Hart asked him about McGregor. “He’s a knock-off. He’s a hell of a knock-off version.”

McGregor, like Mayweather, has ascended his respective sport to not only become the highest paid athlete, but also the biggest draw. And even though Mayweather wiped the canvas with McGregor via 10th-round TKO, “Money” still commends McGregor’s efforts inside of the boxing ring.

“Yeah, I take my hat off to him,” Mayweather revealed. “I mean, he’s a dog.”

When asked if he though their massive superfight was stopped too early, Mayweather took the high road and continued his humble assessment of “Notorious.”

“I mean, I want the man to have a career after our fight,” Mayweather told Hart. “It sounded good when the fight was over.”

Nobody really knows what the future holds, especially when it comes to combat rarities like Mayweather and McGregor, so it may be possible that the two square off in a rematch. If McGregor is lucky, “Money” may end up running it back inside of the Octagon.

“Anything is possible,” he said. “I can go get a deal right now from the UFC — a three-fight, four-fight, billion dollar deal, if that’s what I wanted.”

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