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Video: All hell broke loose inside German MMA cage BECAUSE YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!

If you’re going to throw the towel, which is the universal sign for, “our fighter is getting his ass whooped and we need to save him from more punishment,” then you need to throw it where the referee can actually see it.

I mean c’mon man, you had one job. Ball that shit up, soak it in the bucket, whatever, just get it to where it needs to be.

That didn’t happen in the above clip, recently posted by MMA Junkie. I don’t speak German so I’m not sure what the announcers were saying, but judging by how quickly the corner rushed the cage, I think I have a pretty good idea.

Unfortunately for all parties involved, I would imagine those people who, like the referee, did not see the towel instead saw a bunch of people storming the cage and reacted in kind. You know, throw punches and ask questions later.

“Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”

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