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Midnight Mania! Trail runner chokes out mountain lion with bare hands in self-defense

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Cougar Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Who says jiu jitsu doesn’t work on the trail? A Colorado trail runner today choked out a mountain lion that attacked him, in an impressive display of Man vs. Beast. The lion was a juvenile, only 80 pounds, about half the size of a full-grown cougar, but still a formidable opponent. The runner said he was approached from behind and turned around to see the mountain lion, which attacked him. He attempted to scare the predator off, but to no avail, and the fight commenced. He was able to choke the lion to death.


The man “didn’t have any weapons,” Ty Petersburg, area wildlife manager for the wildlife agency, told NBC affiliate KUSA of Denver.

”He was really creative,” Petersburg said. “He used his hands, feet — things that were around him — and really it was just a fight for survival.”

The runner hasn’t been identified. He was attacked on the West Ridge Trail at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space near Fort Collins on Monday, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency said. The cat tested negative for rabies, and the runner was released from the hospital after being treated for bite wounds on his back, arms, and legs.

“probably what happened here is that the lion had an instinct triggered,” Petersburg told KUSA. “It wasn’t so much tracking a human or keying in on a human. It just had an instinct triggered like it would if you were to roll a ball of yarn across the ground for a cat.”

Officially, fewer than 20 people have been killed in North America by cougars in the past century. Cougar attacks are rare, but even rarer is a cougar attack where the victim chokes out the cougar with wits, skill and raw courage.

Joe Rogan says this is why he carries a knife on him when he runs in Colorado; he lost a dog to a mountain lion, so he isn’t taking chances


Stipe Miocic really wants his rematch with Daniel Cormier.

Daniel Cormier makes fun of his own neck... and hints at the fight he really wants, Brock Lesnar

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Fat neck

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Jared Gordon is being transparent about his struggle with anxiety, which is cool to see from a fighter.

Speaking of transparent, Bellator flyweight champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane is honest about her weight fluctuations. S

Good news for the UFC and ESPN+ partnership

Don’t click play unless you want to see something gruesome

Conor McGregor in training

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Thank you for the rounds today @jucao21!

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This is a cool-ass picture of an underwater Donald Cerrone, especially because he actually almost died scuba diving in underwater caverns

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Fat neck

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I love the “nobody” memes, and this is a good one of Nick Diaz

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Came thru drippin

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Pretty sweet wall art for UFC 234’s co-main event and arguably main attraction, Israel Adesanya vs. Anderson Silva.

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Super hero vibes #UFC234 x @lushsux

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I could never believe this with his Scouser accent.

Judo is an interesting base for MMA when fighters round out their skillsets

A reminder of what Anderson Silva has accomplished in this sport

I like when Joe Rogan retweets random science articles like this one about a dinosaur feather

Urijah Faber endorses this mindset

Babies have really short arms and McGregor has really long arms.

Throwback to this absolutely unbelievable knockout

Random Land

Truth is stranger than fictional Batman comics

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