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Not clickbait: Diaper people paid Tom Lawlor to job to shirtless Ken Shamrock (Video)

Skip to 1:24:25 if you actually made it this far.

I know some of you tightwads often feel duped by my (cough) “creative” headlines, but I can assure you that even I, in all my clickiness, can’t possibly do justice to what transpired in Tom Lawlor’s recent “Bar Brawl” with Ken Shamrock.

Somehow the UFC veteran, who is currently the MLW World Heavyweight Champion after putting the filth all over pro wrestling icon, Low Ki, was able to convince Pampers — yes, the diaper people — to sponsor his bout against “The World’s Most Dangerous Man (Over 50).”

Either that, or he shares Josh Barnett’s obsession with plastic pants.

Admittedly, there was an air of good-natured fun to last week’s marquee match up in “The Peach State,” but this is coming from a pro wrestling mark fan who rose through the ranks during the Shamrock glory days (which appear to be far from over).

Speaking of violent theater, I’m currently accepting donations for next month’s “Chair Shots for Charity” event under the Capitol Wrestling banner in my backyard of “Dirty Jersey,” so if you want to cough up some money for starving children — and watch some fat guy bust me open with a steel seat — please post your credit card information in the comments section below.

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