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Here’s that video of Colby Covington butt-slapping women to pimp his Super Bowl sponsor

I posted that ridiculous Tyron Woodley rap song earlier today (see it) and promptly told one of my colleagues that it would be impossible for anyone to make a video worse than what “The Chosen One” gave us in the aptly-titled “Blow.”

Then Colby Covington came along and was like, “Hold my aviators.”

It seems “Chaos” has some sort of sponsorship deal with “My Bookie,” or maybe he stepped into a time machine and traveled back to 1986, when it was still cool to sport cutoff sleeves and slap girls on the ass.

We’re talking about a fighter who is convinced he’s “America’s Champ.”

I guess Covington will be leaning on his outside sources of revenue since he doesn’t plan on fighting anytime soon. Unless, of course, promotion president Dana White has a change of heart and puts the former interim welterweight champion back into a title fight.

Based on these comments, it doesn't seem likely.

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