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Video: Conor McGregor and son take the field at Super Bowl 53

I’ve been reading a lot of crazy shit about Conor McGregor these past few days, courtesy of the Irish tabloids, but “Notorious” appears to be living his best life. After all, how many people get to run around the field on Super Bowl Sunday?

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, no doubt a supporter of the New England Patriots, is having a gay old time with his equally purple son (take that, Brock Lesnar) inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sorry, Jerry.

That’s where the Pats will battle the Los Angeles Rams in a game that is more spectacle than sport. Just look at all the controversy surrounding the halftime show, along with the hype behind the big-game commercials.


My beloved Giants were embarrassed yet again so I have no claim to either team. That said, I’m sure Dana White will be on the edge of his seat, considering how much love the Las Vegas fight boss has for Tom Brady.

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