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Midnight Mania! Jon Jones said he saw Anthony Smith’s lip quiver at staredown

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones is nothing if not a supremely confident man. The Light Heavyweight greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) was interviewed after his staredown with challenger Anthony Smith (watch it), and he thinks he spotted weakness. Not fear, exactly ... but weakness nonetheless.

I saw his lip trembling a little bit. I’m not sure, maybe he’s really nervous. He actually talks a really good game, but his lip was quivering. I’m not saying he’s scared, but it says that emotionally, he is like, he’s a guy where this fight means everything to him. That’s a dangerous place to be in. When a fight means too much to you, that’s a dangerous place to be.

He went on to recount his restored relationship with Rashad Evans, then says he intends to prove himself the pound-for-pound G.O.A.T. by year’s end.

Man, honestly, I feel like if I fight four times this year, win all four fights, I don’t think you could argue it. I think the argument would be just over. Where I’m at right now, it’s hard to debate, resume wise. I just don’t think anyone’s been able to fight the level of competition that I’ve fought- and that’s not these guys’ fault. Demetrious Johnson, for example- it’s not his fault he didn’t have legends in his division. But I did have legends in my division, and I’ve beaten them all, at a very young age at that. Continue to do it ten years into it. I know who I am.

Is he right? Would four wins in 2019 cement Jones’ legacy not just as one of the all-time greats, but the greatest of all time?


Surprised it took this long to get a depiction of “Honest Zabe,” frankly.

Kamaru Usman throws the Batman double punch:

Ben Askren made Dana nervous when he patted Robbie Lawler’s butt:

I’m sure Dana White is pumped for Saturday night, but maybe not for the reasons Askren is thinking of ...

Belal “Remember the name” Muhammad lives with Jared ‘Flash’ Gordon and their relationship is ... interesting.

Mad Max should be Max Holloway, but Carlos Condit does look pretty cool as Rockatansky.

Johnny Walker and Jon Jones seem to get along:

That’s a great fight, and a tough one for Gregor Gillespie. I, for one, am here for the wrestler-on-wrestler violence.

Conor McGregor’s movement coach is still at it!

Israel Adesanya’s comment on Darren Till’s post was “Legit getting a pedicure with Mom and then ...”

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What the fuck.

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Joe Rogan has anyone and everyone on his podcast these days:

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#ufc #mma #jre

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This editing is truly inspired!

Capoeira in competition as a standalone art looks kind of ... silly. Then again, so does karate sparring:

Garry Tonon’s way of promoting his fights is to hype up his opponent:

Interesting throw, too!

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More interesting groundwork

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I didn’t know this, actually.

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