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Watch Michel Pereira moonsault his way to victory at ROAD FC 52


Unless you happen to follow one of the hardcore MMA fans on Twitter that share endless gifs from Asian promotions, you’ve probably never heard of Michel Pereira. Well, at this point it’s definitely time the greater world learns about him.

Pereira took on Dae-Sung Kim at ROAD FC 52 in South Korea and threw pretty much every fancy attack in the MMA handbook at his tough but outclassed opponent. He even borrowed a few from pro wrestling, including a moonsault off the cage fence.

Yes, that’s right. A moonsault.

Pereira was flipping all over the place, and was warned by the referee after his attempt to somersault through Kim’s guard turned into an illegal head stomp.

There was a lot of sizzle, but there was steak too. Pereira’s use of the plum to obliterate Kim in the clinch with knees was reminiscent of Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin.

Pereira’s been popping up in my Twitter timeline more and more lately. Here he is at the start of the year with another flip stomp that he turned into a submission win:

Hey, this stuff doesn’t always work but we appreciate it none the less...

Pereira is 22-9-2 and while some of you may be rooting for a UFC signing, we don’t doubt they’d put him up against some Nebraskan wrestling champion because no fun allowed. For now, let’s enjoy the art he’s creating internationally.

Speaking of that, make sure you watch the whole fight for maximum enjoyment. It also includes a sensual clip of a man licking a ROAD FC trophy and a chicken breast sponsorship. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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