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Erberth Santos pulls a Khabib, starts megabrawl during BJJ Stars main event

A jiu jitsu match between Erberth Santos and Felipe Pena descended into chaos after Santos attacked hecklers on the sideline.


Saturday night’s BJJ Stars event in Sao Paulo Brazil ended in absolute chaos after the main event match between Felipe Pena and Erbeth Santos descended into full blown brawl territory.

As reported by The Jiu Jitsu Times, the incident started after Santos seemingly hurt his knee off a sweep attempt by Pena. As officials assessed his injury, Santos started arguing heatedly with somebody off the mat. Reports claim people on Pena’s team were taunting Santos for faking the injury. Moments later, he jumped to his feet and ran onto the sidelines to attack Pena black belt Daniel Thebit. A crush of people surged in, some joining the violence and others trying to stop it.

Somehow in the confusion, Santos managed to slip around everyone and attack another Pena student, Servio Junqueira. He knocked Junqueira right off the platform, and you can see people streaming into the area, some throwing kicks to the heads of the downed martial artists.

Officials eventually managed to remove Santos from the area and Felipe Pena was declared the winner via disqualification.

The BJJ world is in shock that this happened, with BJJHeroes calling it “the most disgusting thing we have seen in our almost 10-year coverage of this sport.” The incident was an unfortunate way for the debuting BJJ Stars event to end, which also saw Roberto Godoi defeat UFC veteran Renato “Babalu” Sobral by 2×0 points, Nicholas Meregali defeat Leandro Lo by 4×0 points, and João Gabriel Rocha defeat Marcus Almeida by 3 advantages.

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