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UFC Fight Night 145 results: Stefan Struve taps Marcos Rogério de Lima, possibly retires

Stefan Struve and Marcos Rogerio de Lima faced each other today (Saturday, February 23, 2019) inside the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, only on ESPN+.

The height difference was stark, but it didn’t matter initially: Struve went down immediately to a big punch, with de Lima diving into his guard against the cage. Struve tied de Lima up with his arms, as de Lima landed short punches and advanced to half guard. Struve didn’t have any space to work for submissions. He tried briefly for a kimura, but de Lima shut it down, landing slapping punches to his ribs. De Lima put his forearm on Struve’s throat, pushed down, and landed short, powerful punches as Struve moved to reposition. Eventually, de Lima passed and got full mount. He ended the round in total control.

De Lima started the second round aggressive, stepped in, and clinched with Struve. Struve turned him around for a second, but got back to the cage again. He landed an overhook sweep on de Lima and got top control! Struve used his stork-like legs to step around de Lima’s legs into half guard. He looked to pass, using one of his feet to wedge the other free, but de Lima scrambled. Struve used an arm-triangle to pass, and then went back to it for the tap! Great comeback win for Stefan Struve!

Struve said afterwards he didn’t remember getting knocked down, saying he woke up on the ground, and asked to see the replay. “Yep. I got punched in the face.” he concluded after watching himself get punched in the face. He said his experience helped him survive and come back to win. He said everyone is aware that his heart is not 100%, but he said there is a ‘very good opportunity that this is my last fight.’ He said this is not 100%, but felt this was a great moment, not wanting to go out too late. He choked up thanking his team, and laid his gloves down in the Octagon. At least he is honest; many fighters say they will walk away and don’t. Struve should. He’s been around for a long time, been through some scary health issues, and gets the chance to go out on top. Hopefully he sticks with his decision.

Official result: Stefan Struve def. Marcos Rogerio de Lima via submission (arm-triangle choke) at 2:21 of Round Two

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