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UFC Fight Night 145 results: Liz Carmouche edges out Lucie Pudilová to disdain of home crowd

Liz Carmouche faced Lucie Pudilová faced off today (Saturday, February 23, 2019) inside the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, only on ESPN+.

They clinched quickly, with Carmouche looking to take her taller foe down with double underhooks against the cage. She stomped Pudilova’s feet. Eventually, she managed to get Pudilova down, seated against the cage, her legs wrapped around Pudilova’s outstretched legs. Pudilova made a last-ditch attempt at a guillotine, standing up as the round wore down, but there was nothing doing.

Pudilova tried to stay clear of Carmouche’s clinch in the second, circling, looking for a pawing jab, but unable to quite find the range. Carmouche drove through for a double-leg and dumped her onto her back with a minute and a half left in the round, then passed to mount. Pudilova tried to push off the cage with her legs and managed to sweep Carmouche over into guard. She ended the round on top to the cheers of the hometown crowd.

Pudilova was really going for it in the third, looking for long round kicks, jabs, and long right overhands. Carmouche circled just out of her range, threw a couple front kicks. Carmouche landed a short combination. Pudilova whiffed on a looping high kick. Carmouche landed a nice inside low kick. Pudilove landed a glancing axe kick(!), but Carmouche caught it and dumped her to her back. Landing straight into side control, she looked to isolate the far arm, landing short elbows to the body. She spun for a heel hook! Pudilova tried to kick her way out, and elbowed Carmouche’s butt, eventually scrambling free. With thirty seconds left, Carmouche looked for an armbar, but nothing doing. Pudilova postured to land violent hammerfists as the fight wound to an end.

Liz was awarded the decision, much to the derision of the crowd. “I can’t hear anything!” she said to the interviewer Dan Hardy after the bout.

Official result: Liz Carmouche def. Lucie Pudilova via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

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