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Rose Namajunas inks partnership with Reebok (and Zion Williamson might be jealous)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight champion, Rose Namajunas, recently inked an exclusive sponsorship agreement with Reebok, one that complements the existing monetary deal already in place for “Thug” and the rest of the UFC roster.

It’s technically referred to as the UFC Promotional Guidelines Compliance Pay under the UFC Athlete Outfitting Policy, but for the purposes of this conversation, let’s just refer to it as “Reebok Bucks.”

Anyway, the sneaker and apparel giant dumped former spokeswoman, Paige VanZant, in favor of Namajunas. Probably because “12 Gauge” hasn’t won back-to-back fights in nearly four years and got crushed by Namajunas at UFC Fight Night 80.

Hopefully the Reebok gear doesn’t shred and fall apart at UFC 237, like those Nike sneakers Zion Williamson was wearing earlier this week (watch the video here). That said, my confidence level is low when it comes to spelling “Namajunas.”

Sorry, but you have to bet a horse by its record.

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