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DaDa 5000 back from the dead (literally) for ‘Back Yard Brawls’ inside triangle cage

Famed backyard brawler and Bellator MMA veteran DaDa 5000, who was recently downgraded to DaDa 500 after dying on the operating table, somehow managed to keep the grim reaper at bay and work his way back to full health.

And what will Mr. 5000 be doing with his second lease on life?

Returning to his roots, of course, alongside business partners Mike Vazquez and Jose Suris for Back Yard Brawls (BYB) Extreme Fighting Series, which debuts with “Brawl For It All” on Fri., April 5, 2019 inside Cheyenne Ice & Events Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Inside the triangular “Trigon” — a triangle shaped cage.

“I’ve always been fascinated by triangles,” DaDa said in a recent press release. “It is the most dominant, most feared symbol. Even my hair is cut in a triangle. Look at the pyramids, what’s on the back of our money. There’s no room to run in our Trigon Triangle cage; it was designed that way, and it isn’t for individuals who don’t want confrontations.”

He won’t be fighting, but DaDa will serve as color commentator for the in-cage action, featuring nine professional bare-knuckle fights. Those include the rematch between Miami street fighters Alfonso “Chocolate” Frierson and Mike “Dragonhulk” Trujillo, while Idaho heavyweight Jamelle “The Beast” Jones battles Matt “The Attack” Kovacs in mixed martial arts (MMA) action.

Please note: the Cheyenne Ice & Events Center is strictly BYOB (bring your own barbecue).

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