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Midnight Mania! Mountain lion attack gets Gracie breakdown treatment

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The runner who choked a half-grown mountain lion to death has finally told the details to his story, and naturally the marketing gurus of the Gracie clan saw an opportunity. They produced the advice above, including convenient product placement at the end. The only criticism I have, is their recommendation of an Ezekiel choke from the bottom, which would seem to place an animal’s bite next to your face and neck, which seems... potentially counterproductive.

If you want to watch the man himself explain the encounter, you can do so below, starting at around the 3:30 mark.

Gracie family member Kron Gracie is making his UFC debut this Sunday against Alex Caceres.


The Gracie video was okay, but should have hired this guy to play the cougar:

Beautiful throw and creative finish

It turns out the courts have decided if you fight in an MMA bout, you are consenting to a bout with an athlete who might be on PEDs.

Don’t tease us like this, Max Holloway. That’s a pretty good Tony Ferguson joke, though.

It sure looks like Cain’s knee buckled at the end of this clip.

UFC heavyweight Juan Adams took a shot at Greg Hardy in his Valentine’s day post.

Valentines’ day!

Of course Derrick Lewis’ V-day post is captioned “GOING DEEP”

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The Andrews with the breakdowns:

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