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Bellator 216 results: ‘MVP vs Semtex’ live streaming play-by-play updates

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Mitrione vs Kharitonov and Daley vs Page
Bellator 217
Bellator MMA

Bellator 216: “MVP vs. Semtex” airs TONIGHT (Feb. 16, 2019) from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The Welterweight Grand Prix continues tonight as British rivals Michael “Venom” Page (13-0) and Paul “Semtex” Daley (40-16-2) finally collide!

Bellator 216’s main card will start at 9 p.m. ET with “Prelims” undercard bouts starting at 7 p.m. ET on DAZN (watch it). will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator MMA card.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 216) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Michael Page vs. Paul DaleyPage UD 48-47 X3.
Roy Nelson vs. Mirko Cro CopCro Cop UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.
Cheick Kongo vs. Vitaly MinakovKongo UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.
Yaroslav Amosov vs. Erick SilvaAmosov UD 29-27, 29-28 X2.
Valerie Loureda vs. Colby FletcherLoureda TKO 2:55 R1.
Tyrell Fortune vs. Ryan PokryfkyFortune TKO 2:21 R1.
Kastriot Xhema vs. Kemran LachinovLachinov tech. sub (knee bar) 0:53 R2.
Pat Casey vs. Nekruz MirkhojaevMirkhojaev sub (neck crank) 1:18 R3.
Rodolfo Rocha vs. Jesse KosakowskiKosakowski sub (RNC) 3:05 R2.
Demetrios Plaza vs. Andrews RodriguezPlaza 29-28, 29-27 X2 UD.
Vinicius De Jesus vs. Rodolpho BarcellosDe Jesus KO 3:46 R1.
Reginaldo Felix vs. Justin SumterSumter sub (RNC) 3:27 R2.


Michael Page vs. Paul Daley

Blue gloves and blue/black trunks for Daley, 40-16-2 in his career to date. Red gloves and black trunks for Page, undefeated at 13-0 thus far as a pro. The winner of this Welterweight Grand Prix bout advances to face former champion Douglas Lima. Daley fights out of Nottingham, England. Page fights out of London, England. Page owns a 3” reach advantage at 79” and is also 6” taller at 6’3”. Our referee for the main event is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Page quickly moves in front of Daley and he circles off to the right. The next 30 seconds are Daley moving both directions laterally as Page stands in the center looking at him. Fans are starting to boo as we pass the one minute mark. Page throws a left high kick. Daley continues to move laterally with his hands up, dancing like the seasoned striker he is. Page paws at him with a left. Two minutes gone and no big strikes landed. Page starts jumping up and down on his feet. Daley continues to circle. Push kick by Page connects. Page windmills his arms and tries to lure Daley in, then backs off when Daley lunges. The crowd boos again at 3:10. If this was PRIDE both men would have been given a yellow card by now. Page with a left jab. And another. Kick from Page. Page tries a jump knee late. 10-9 Page.

Round 2: Daley continues to circle. Page windmills his arms and goads Daley to come at him. Daley misses with a single left hand. Page kicks him in the face. That finally makes Daley come forward, but he eventually returns to circling laterally. Daley shoots and Page avoids it. Daley shoots again at 1:30. Page keeps his balance and stifles Daley as the clock ticks by. Page finally breaks free at 2:35. Daley starts to move forward and shoots and this time he gets the takedown at 2:58. He works body and head as Page sits up against the fence. Daley has the legs crimped so Page can’t get back up. Elbows from Daley. Left hand from Daley. Daley lets Page up and lands some nice shots before the bell. 10-9 Daley.

Round 3: Page opens with a leg kick and Daley narrowly avoids a head kick. Right hand from Page. Left jab from Page. Page teases a jump knee. Left jab from Page. Another jump knee teased. Left jab. Straight right for Page. Left jab. Daley shoots and Page sprawls. Daley pushes him into the fence and throws knees to the legs. Page turns him for a knee to the body. 2:30. Daley reverses the momentum and gets another takedown. Page closes the guard. Page tries to put his legs around Daley’s neck but he pulls away and gets back on top. Page tries to slide out to his right. Daley pushes him back down to the mat. Page sits back up. Daley backs up and throws a right and two big lefts. Page clinches and stands up. 10-9 Daley.

Round 4: Page opens with a right hand and a kick. Page with a right to the body. Page with an overhand right. Daley shoots. Page sprawls. Daley completes the takedown anyway. Page gets up with two minutes left and immediately throws a head kick. He goes for a jumping left knee and Daley is hurt. Daley clinches after a second one to avoid more strikes. Daley fails to throw Page to the ground and Page is on top in half with a minute left. Page connects with left hands and elbows. Page is on top for the rest of the round. 10-9 Page.

Round 5: Daley gets a takedown 13 seconds into the round then backs up to kick the legs and try to come over the top with a left — but he missed. Daley stands up again at the minute mark. Page looks for a triangle and Daley drops down to avoid it. Daley misses with a right hammer. Daley with a hammer, a right and a left. Page gets back up at 2:25. Page with a couple of elbows to the head. Page spins around to the back for a rear naked choke and lets it go then throws left hands from behind. Daley tries to stand but Page stays on him with one hook in. Multiple right elbows to the head of Daley. Page loses the hooks and Daley stands up at 4:18. Daley goes for the takedown but again Page ends up on top doing the damage. 10-9 Page. These last two rounds were close enough for a split decision to occur.

Final result: The judges score the fight 48-47 X3 giving the unanimous decision to MVP.

Roy Nelson vs. Mirko Cro Cop

Nelson comes in 23-16 having lost three of his last four bouts. He fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Cro Cop comes in 37-11-2 (1 NC) with nine straight wins and fights out of Zagreb, Croatia. Nelson has the black trunks and blue gloves tonight. Cro Cop comes out to “Wild Boys” with his trademark Croatian shorts and the red gloves. Cro Cop has a 2” height advantage at 6’2” but both men have a 73” reach. Our ref is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Nelson feels out the range with his left jab as Cro Cop circles to his left. Nelson closes the range at 40 seconds and Cro Cop pushes him backward until they break. Nelson tries again at 1:20 and Cro Cop tags him with an uppercut this time when he lets go. Cro Cop puts him on the cage with an elbow to the throat and Nelson turns him around, both men leaning heavy on the cage door. They move laterally along the fence until Cro Cop finally turns him around at 2:30. Roberts warns both men not to clash heads. Cro Cop sneaks in a left uppercut. Nelson tries to clinch for knees to the chin in return. Another left uppercut gets through. Cro cop misses with the left hook and Nelson breaks free. Nelson pushes into Cro Cop and is immediately turned around. One minute to go. Nelson covers up to avoid the uppercuts. Liver kick by Cro Cop. Nelson drops levels immediately. He tries and fails to get a single leg. Another left uppercut by Cro Cop. 10-9 Cro Cop.

Round 2: Nelson misses with a looping right hand at 30 seconds. Nelson charges at 51 seconds and Cro Cop turns him around again for a left knee and an uppercut, then comes over the top with a left elbow. Nelson throws an elbow in kind. Knee and another uppercut. Nelson seemed to be momentarily hurt. The crowd chants MIR-KO as Nelson throws a body kick. Liver kick and leg kick by Cro Cop. Left high head kick is checked by Nelson. Straight left hand connects for Cro Cop. Stiff left jab by Cro Cop. Nelson returns the favor. Nelson shoots and Cro Cop stuffs it. Nelson is eating body shots and uppercuts until he gets away at 3:08. Cro Cop lands the right jab and Nelson lands the left hook. He clinches to throw a knee. Leg kick by Cro Cop. Single leg attempt by Nelson. Cro Cop blocks it yet again. 50 seconds left. Left uppercut by guess who? Cro Cop. Nelson breaks free at 4:34. Left by Cro Cop. Body shot by Nelson. Left kick by Cro Cop. Nelson punches the cage trying to tag Cro Cop in return. 10-9 Cro Cop.

Round 3: Nelson covers up to avoid Cro Cop’s hands early. Cro Cop kicks the left lead leg. Nelson shoots and misses but lands two uppercuts as Cro Cop pushes him away. Another leg kick by Cro Cop. Left jab by Cro Cop Leg kick. Nelson goes for the single leg and Cro Cop pulls out. Nelson misses with a wild right uppercut and tries to change levels but yet again Cro Cop pushes him away. Left jab for Cro Cop. Nelson shoots. Nelson fails. He breaks free at 2:50. They clinch again. Nothing for Nelson. 90 seconds left. Cro cop with a jab and left hook. Uppercut by Cro cop. Wild right hand misses by Nelson. Nelson finally completes a single leg takedown at 3:58. Cro Cop locks him down and doesn’t take any damage. 10-9 Cro Cop for a clean sweep.

Final result: Mirko Cro Cop wins a unanimous decision 30-27 and 29-28 X2.

Cheick Kongo vs. Vitaly Minakov

Minakov wears blue gloves and black trunks tonight, he is a former Bellator Heavyweight champion, and his record is a perfect 21-0. He fights out of Bryansk, Russia. Kongo has the red gloves and black trunks, he is 29-10-2, and he fights out of Paris, France for this big rematch. Kongo has a three inch reach advantage at 82” and is 2” taller at 6’4”. Our referee in charge of this bout is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Minakov is cautiously closing the distance and forcing Kongo backward, but Kongo ducked his big swing and pressed Minakov into the cage. They jockey for position as the fence bows out under their weight and pressure. They break at 1:20. Minakov inches forward again and misses with a right. Kongo lands counter strikes but Minakov takes a right knee to the cup and Anderson calls time, then gives Kongo a warning for the accidental (or not depending on your POV) blow. Minakov comes in with an uppercut on the restart and clinches Kongo on the cage. Kongo throws him aside. Kongo with kicks as Minakov charges. Minakov trips him to the ground off a kick and Kongo springs to his feet throwing a knee to the leg before they break at 3:55. They clinch and break again at 4:25. Minakov throws a looping overhand right that misses and pushes Kongo - guess where - the fence. That’s the end of round one. 10-9 Minakov.

Round 2: Minakov lands the first leg kick of this frame. Kongo returns the favor. Kongo continues to circle away to the right when Minakov tries to pressure him. Kongo lands a left jab as a light chant of “let’s go Kongo” breaks out at Mohegan Sun. Anderson warns them to watch the fingers. Instead they stand there and watch each other and the crowd starts to boo at 2:30. Minakov with a jab. Minakov grazes Kongo with a right hook. Kick from Minakov. To quote John McCarthy “we have one guy trying to fight and one guy running away from a fight.” Finally Kongo decks Minakov with a right hand when he charges in then throws a knee up the middle and a left hand. 30 seconds remain. Another right by Kongo. Minakov misses with the overhand right and eats uppercuts and knees at the bell. 10-9 Kongo.

Round 3: Kongo attacks Minakov’s lead leg with multiple kicks. Minakov catches the next kick and gets a takedown to half guard. The crowd gets restless as Minakov smothers Kongo on top throwing lefts to the body and head. Minakov is looking for an Ezekiel choke as we near the three minute mark. Minakov lets it go. Kongo creeps backward toward the cage. Kongo sits up at 4:12 and stands up at 4:37 throwing bombs and going for a thai clinch to unload with knees. Minakov backs away dazed and Kongo goes for a takedown at the bell. I’m going to say Kongo stole that round at the end 10-9. Minakov is so exhausted he can’t stand up, leaning on his knees even as the scores are being prepared.

Final result: The judges score this contest 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 all for Cheick Kongo.

Yaroslav Amosov vs. Erick Silva

Amosov comes in undefeated at 20-0 in the red gloves and trunks, while Silva makes his Bellator debut at 20-9 (1 NC) in the blue gloves and white trunks. Amosov has a 2.5” reach advantage at 76”, while both men are 5’11”. Silva fights out of Vila Velha, Brazil. Amosov fights out of Kiev, Ukraine. Our referee is Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: A respectful extended glove tap starts the bout. Silva lands the first kick to the lead left leg as Amosov dances on the outer circle. Amosov charges forward and Silva eludes the charge. Amosov lands a left hook and a leg kick. Silva chases after him. Silva uncorks a hard right and draws blood. Combo by Silva follows. Amosov clinches and pushes Silva back. Amosov clinches again then tries a right cross on the break. Amosov gets Silva off his feet at 2:44 and he’s right back up. They tie up again with 90 seconds left and Silva pushes him away 15 seconds later. Silva tries to grab clinch for a knee. Amosov lands an overhand right. Silva lands a counter right. Left hook for Silva. Leg kick. Amosov’s head kick is checked and he throws a knee to the gut. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2: Another glove tap. Silva knocks Amosov to the ground when he’s off balance and he pops right up. Both men paw at the range until Silva throws a spinning back kick. Amosov takes Silva down and gets the back as Silva stands up. Amosov drags him to the ground again throwing rights to the head. Silva is back up at 1:41 and back down again seven seconds later. Silva slips out of the right hook leg but eats a right hook to the HEAD. Silva tries to spin free but is thrown down with authority at 2:56. Amosov is in half guard. Now left hands are smacking into the cranium. Silva sits up against the cage but Amosov pushes him back down. More right hands. Silva closes the guard with short time then tries to push off the fence with his feet. 10-9 Amosov.

Round 3: One last glove tap to open R3. Silva and Amosov both throw leg kicks to start. Amosov pushes Silva toward the cage. Straight right and a leg trip takes Silva down but he’s up again with Amosov on his back. Lavigne warns Silva not to grab the fence. Silva blocks the takedown without it and both return to the center. Amosov shoots and dumps Silva at 2:02. He takes the back throwing lefts from behind, then takes Silva down when he stands again. Right hands sneak underneath Silva’s armpit to hit the jaw. Silva’s back up at 3:46 but gets warned not to grab the cage and is slammed down AGAIN. Silva is back up at 4:12 and down he goes again... and again. 10-9 Amosov. The first round was close enough that Amosov may even get a clean sweep.

Final result: Yaroslav Amosov wins a unanimous decision of 29-27 and 29-28 X2.

Valerie Loureda vs. Colby Fletcher

Loureda makes her pro debut tonight in the red gloves and silvery/pink trunks and top. Fletcher is 1-2 in the blue gloves with black trunks and top. Fletcher owns a 6.5” reach advantage at 69” and is also two inches taller at 5’6”. She fights out of Muskogee, Oklahoma. Loureda fights out of Miami, Florida. Our referee is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Loureda throws a left high kick to open. Fletcher responds with combos and Loureda returns the favor with a spinning hook kick. Right hook by Loureda. Loureda goes for an axe kick and follows with a leg kick. Fletcher with a jumping right. Loureda with a three piece. Another combo and a head kick for Loureda. 90 seconds gone. Loureda goes body head. Fletcher makes Loureda circle and throws a right hang. Fletcher gets in close and throws some ‘bows. Leg kick and right hook for Loureda. Push kick for Fletcher. Loureda misses with a left hook, Fletch with a right. Loureda drops her with a combo and body kick at 2:44 and pours on right hand hammer fists until MacDonald waves it off at 2:55.

Final result: Valerie Loureda wins via technical knockout at 2:55 of R1.

Tyrell Fortune vs. Ryan Pokryfky

Fortune is 5-0 in the red gloves and black trunks coming into this preliminary bout. His opponent Pokryfky is 6-5 in the blue gloves and gray trunks. Pokryfky fights out of Detroit, Michigan. Fortune fights out of Tempe, Arizona. Our referee is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Fortune lands a stiff right hand at 27 seconds. Big overhand right at 52 seconds. The left jab connects as well. Pokryfky’s midsection sways as he backs away from the big blows. Fortune tags him at 1:52 with a right then backs away so Leon Roberts can stand him up. Fortune immediately puts a left on his chin and backs him toward the fence. A heavy right and a rising left knee drop Pokryfky and it’s quickly over.

Final result: Tyrell Fortune wins via first round technical knockout at 2:21.

Kastriot Xhema vs. Kemran Lachinov

Xhema is 2-2 (1 NC) in the red gloves out of Greenwich, Conn. Lachinov is 7-2 in the blue gloves and red trunks out of Springfield, Mass. This is a catch weight bout of 165 pounds. Our referee is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Xhema is taken down after a combo at 10 seconds but he responds by going for a guillotine choke. Xhema is warned to let go of the fence as Lachinov avoids it and takes him back down. Xhema throws a knee but goes down as it lands and Lachinov immediately gets side control. Lachinov spins to North-South as we hit the two minute mark. He’s going for the choke and Xhema is trying to squirm free. The crowd is booing because they may not see how close Xhema is to being finished. He lets it go at 3:35 and moves back to side control. Knees to the ribs. Lachinov takes the back late for lefts and rights. 10-9 Lachinov.

Round 2: Lachinov is wagging his tongue at Xhema and daring him to come forward. Xhema takes the bait and goes for a takedown and Lachinov immediately goes for the leg lock. Xhema verbally taps out at 53 seconds.

Final result: Kemran Lachinov via technical submission (knee bar) at 0:53.

Pat Casey vs. Nekruz Mirkhojaev

Casey is 4-0 in the red gloves with black trunks, and Mirkhojaev is 3-2 in the blue gloves and military trunks. Mirkhojaev fights out of Brooklyn, New York. Casey fights out of Springfield, Mass. Our referee is Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: Casey stuffs the first takedown attempt by Mirkhojaev. Casey is able to stuff a single leg attempt as well. Casey continues to find a home for his left hook as R1 wears on. Mirkhojaev is trying to return the favor with a looping right hang. Both men are throwing lots of power strikes. Casey stuns Mirkhojaev for a split second with a right hand. Combo as he backs Mirkhojaev up to the fence at 2:33. Casey lands a heavy right to the chin. Mirkhojaev shoots again at 3:08 and is stuffed but he does land a solid right. Casey almost gets a takedown but has to avoid a guillotine attempt and pull out. Casey lands a heavy left hook and a winging right, then finally comes up the middle with a jab. Body kick by Casey after the clapper sounds. 10-9 Casey.

Round 2: Mirkhojaev lands a leg kick and both men smash each other with hands. Casey catches the next kick and closes the distance for strikes. Mirkhojaev misses with a right uppercut and Casey sprawls to block another takedown. Jabs are traded back and forth. Big exchange at 1:43. Spinning back kick by Mirkhojaev misses. Right head kick connects. Casey responds with a combo as he pressures Mirkhojaev to the fence. Casey misses with an overhand right. Mirkhojaev with a spinning heel kick to the body. Right hand lands for Casey as does a leg kick. Left hook for Casey. Mirkhojaev drags Casey down at 4:13 and tries to take the back as he stands back up. Mirkhojaev gets him back down and goes for a rear naked choke late. He doesn’t have it so he hammers away instead. 10-9 Mirkhojaev.

Round 3: Casey goes for an early takedown but Mirkhojaev rolls through and goes for a single leg in response, getting him down at 35 seconds. He’s got the back with both hooks in and pounding away with lefts and rights. Casey rolls over and Mirkhojaev has full mount. He gives up his back again and Mirkhojaev goes for the neck crank, getting a tap at 1:18.

Final result: Nekruz Mirkhojaev wins by submission (neck crank) at 1:18 of R3.

Rodolfo Rocha vs. Jesse Kosakowski

White trunks and blue gloves for Rocha, 1-1, fighting out of New York, NY. Black trunks and red gloves for Kosakowski, fighting out of Waterbury, Conn. Our referee is Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: Kosakowski lands the first kick. He goes for a takedown at 24 seconds and gets it. Rocha closes the guard and works to control the arms and the head. Rocha tries to push off the fence with his feet but Kosakowski rolls with him and gets half guard. He’s in side control at 2:05. Rocha tries to stack Kosakowski up as he goes for an arm lock submission and Rocha winds up on top as Kosakowski closes the guard to defend himself. Rocha tries to get Kosakowski’s back but in doing so lets him back on top. Rocha rolls for a leg but Kosakowski spins to take Rocha’s back. Rocha sweeps and throws a right hand on top. 10-9 Kosakowski by the slimmest of margins.

Round 2: Kosakowski opens R2 with kicks and right hands. Kosakowski gets a takedown at 1:29. He lands some left elbows on top and a nice slicing one as he postures up at 2:20. Rocha’s blood is smearing the pretty white canvas. Kosakowski takes the back and sinks in a body triangle then locks up the rear naked choke. Rocha taps!

Final result: Jesse Kosakowski wins via submission (RNC) at 3:05 of round two.

Demetrios Plaza vs. Andrews Rodriguez

White trunks and blue gloves for Rodriguez at 1-0. Black trunks and red gloves for Plaza in his pro debut. Rodriguez fights out of Brentwood, NY while Plaza fights out of Wappinger Falls, NY. Our referee is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Rodriguez throws a bunch of strikes but gets caught with a counter right hand at 51 seconds. Plaza has a full mount at 1:15. He fights to half guard and gets up at 2:07. Plaza is pushing his head down as he does so to land knees. Plaza trips him back to down with another full mount instantly. Plaza goes for an armbar and loses it but is still in side control. Back to full mount with a minute left. 10-9 Plaza.

Round 2: The doctor checks a hematoma that Plaza gave Rodriguez before clearing him to start R2. Plaza walks down his opponent as Rodriguez bounces back and forth on his feet. Left head kicks by Rodriguez are checked. Both men try to grab a clinch after Plaza takes a hard leg kick and charges forward. Rodriguez works knees to the legs with Plaza pinned up against the fence. Rodriguez works him over for the remainder of the frame with knees and lefts, although Plaza sneaks in a few knees to the body of his own. Rodriguez backs up with short time left to wing a few hard rights. 10-9 Rodriguez.

Round 3: Rodriguez is continuing to work kicks and throws a spinning hook kick to the side of Plaza’s head. Plaza gets a takedown at 1:27 and Rodriguez closes the guard. Plaza works his way to half guard briefly and Rodriguez moves him back into full. Plaza tries to stand up with a wide base but is pulled back down. He throws some pitter-pat right hands to the chin and body while Rodriguez continues to throw elbows and rights off his back. Plaza tries to stack Rodriguez up and gives him an armbar, but Rodriguez is unable to secure it and Plaza takes side control. 10-9 Plaza.

Final result: Demetrios Plaza wins via unanimous decision of 29-28, 29-27 X2.

Vinicius De Jesus vs. Rodolpho Barcellos

De Jesus is 6-2 in the red gloves and he fights out of Stamford, Conn. Barcellos 1-0 in the blue gloves and black trunks fighting out of Endicott, New York. The ref is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Barcellos is quickly on his back foot as the two exchange leg kicks. De Jesus keeps pushing his foe closer to the fence. His leg kicks look the nastier of the two. That left leg of Barcellos is taking a pounding. Barcellos is trying to jab in response. De Jesus throws a stiff left of his own. De Jesus drops Barcellos as we pass the halfway point. De Jesus backs away and forces him to stand back up at 2:52 and throws another chopping leg kick. De Jesus kicks the leg out of Barcellos leg at 3:32 and then backs away. Anderson stands him up, De Jesus drops him with a right uppercut, and a quick pounding on the ground ensues before Anderson waves it off.

Final result: Vinicius De Jesus wins via knockout at 3:46 in the first round.

Reginaldo Felix vs. Justin Sumter

Green trunks and blue gloves, 6-2, West Haven, Conn. for Sumter. Black trunks and red gloves, 5-2, Worcester, Mass. for Felix. Our referee in charge is Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: Tap of gloves get us underway. Felix circles on the outside as Sumter throws a leg kick. Sumter connects with a left hang and goes for a flying knee. Felix responds with multiple leg kicks and Sumter goes for a clinch. Right hang connects after Felix breaks free. Felix makes Sumter stumble off a leg kick. Body kick for Sumter. Body kick and two rights by Sumter. Felix drops Sumter with a right hand. Sumter gets back up but he’s still dazed. He’s backing up as Felix pours it on. Sumter throws a knee but he’s still eating jackhammers and he goes down at 2:22. Sumter lands a right and walks forward as the crowd roars. Sumter tags Felix with a left. Felix tries to leap off the cage with one foot. Sumter’s left head kick is blocked. Felix throws the head kick of his own. Sumter goes for it a second time then hits a leg kick, and another, then goes for a clinch knee. He stumbles and Felix tries to wail on him, but Sumter lands another knee. He backs up with 55 seconds left in R1. Leg kick by Felix. Head kick partially lands for Felix. Right hand for Sumter followed by a front kick. 10-9 Felix.

Round 2: Lavigne has the doctor check Sumter quickly before R2 begins and he’s cleared to go. Sumter immediately presses forward and Felix hits the leg kicks. Sumter gets a takedown at 32 seconds. The fight stalls out there as Sumter is on top in half guard methodically grinding away with left hands. Felix links his toes in the cage and draws a warning. Lavigne calls for work at 2:58 and Sumter responds by getting full mount and then taking the back. Sumter gets the rear naked choke and taps him out!

Final result: Justin Sumter wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:27 in round two.

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