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Frank Mir shuts down WWE haters: You know Bruce Lee didn’t do any real fights, right?

UFC Brisbane Media Day Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Frank Mir, who continued his mixed martial arts (MMA) career with Bellator MMA, is making his professional wrestling debut under Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport” banner on April 4 in New Jersey.

Not surprisingly, a large contingent of combat sports fans threw shade at Mir for his decision to participate in “fake” fighting. Perhaps in their minds, the existence of pro wrestling somehow cheapens the “real” competitive aspect of cage fighting.

I guess those dummies never watched a Bruce Lee movie.

“I hate when they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s fake,’” Mir told MMA Fighting. “Okay, hold on a second. You sit there and clamor about Bruce Lee. You know Bruce Lee didn’t do any real fights, right? That was all choreographed. But there was still danger. Guys still went to the hospital. Same thing. I’ve watched guys in pro wrestling actually die. It’s very dangerous. It’s very injury heavy. So anytime somebody says ‘that’s fake,’ I always laugh. That’s laughable. You couldn’t even begin to do what they’re doing. Extremely strenuous, on the fly, working with another human component, while there’s a crowd watching.”

Like I always say, “Bait ... doesn’t click back.”

Mir (18-13) could use a change of scenery. After departing UFC in the wake of back-to-back losses, the longtime potato chip cruncher dropped another pair of fights, going down in flames to both Fedor Emelianenko and Javy Ayala.

In addition, Mir turns 40 in May and the window to his MMA career is rapidly closing. Perhaps a foray into the pro wrestling world can eventually lead to his oft-teased Brock Lesnar trilogy inside the squared circle.

“I’m not opposed to it, man,” Mir said. “I actually like it. I always wanted a third one. And however, wherever it could take place.”

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